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 Chapter 3

Paige’s POV:

            I woke up with a throbbing headache and a hazy memory. I squinted into the dim light and looked around. From what I could see I was in some sort of cell in a long, narrow bed being the only furniture. A chain link fence made the front of the cell see through and I could make out the shape of three similar cells in front of mine, all in a row. Panic started to set in once again as I tried to recall what had happened.

            I’d gone for a walk during the reception and I’d walked too far. I didn’t remember how to get back to the party when I’d heard twigs snapping. Something had been moving towards me. Then…then…what happened after that? I racked my brain and tried to come up with the answer. It jumped into my mind a second later and I gasped in horror. I’d been standing in the woods, trying to figure out what was coming towards me, when someone had grabbed me from behind and put a sweet smelling cloth over my mouth. I remember two men talking before I passed out.

            “Ugh.” I groaned out loud, putting a hand to my pounding head. The cell itself was dreary and grey, automatically making me feel a little depressed.

            “Oh, good, you’re awake.” A feminine voice spoke and I jumped.

            “Who-who’s there?” I cursed myself for the tremble in my voice.

            “Yoo hoo! Over here, in front of you.” The voice called, snapping their fingers. I crawled off the uncomfortable bed and made my way to the fence.

            Behind the fence of the cell in front of me, a girl with pretty auburn hair. Her skin was pale and her dark eyes had shadows under them. She looked to be a few years older than me, maybe sixteen. Judging from her dirty and disheveled appearance, she’d been here for a while.

            “Where are we?” I asked, leaning heavily against the fence.

            “I’m not sure. They took me a few weeks ago and they never say where we are. All I’ve seen is this room and the bathroom which is right down the hall.” She shrugged calmly.

            “Who’s they?”

            “The hunters.” She looked at me like I was stupid.

            “The hunters? But why would they take us?” I was having a really hard time understanding why the hunters would even bother taking me in the first place.

            “What’s your name?” She asked suddenly, a speculative expression taking over her face.

            “Paige Collins. Well, I guess it’s Taylor now.” I replied. Her eyes narrowed.

            “Paige Collins…wait,” She got excited. “Paige Collins. You mean Paige Warren?” I scrunched up my nose, not liking that name.

            “Well yes, but I don’t go by Warren. Haven’t since I was eight.”

            “Well now it makes sense!” I stared at her, confused.

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