Bonus Chapter

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It seems my laptop does not like me and refused to post this chapter earlier. Now it's decided to be kind so here you go!

Thank you to everyone who has supported this story as well as the first one. I did this chapter for all the fans of "I'm Sorry, Did You Say Mate?" who continued on to read this story. Thank you again :)

(Sorry for any spelling/grammar errors)


                                                *Bonus Chapter*

Sutton’s POV:

            I threw myself on my bed, burying my face in my pillow. Lisa ran a consoling hand across my back while murmuring comforting words. It still shocked me to the core to know I had someone growing inside of me. Evan and I had never talked about kids; we were both much too busy at this point in our lives to even entertain the idea of starting a family. Evan was swamped with Alpha duties while I was focused on getting my degree and becoming a doctor. Having a child would most certainly change out plans.

            But I was still happy.

            I can’t begin to describe the joy I felt when I saw the lines on the stick confirming Lisa’s theory that I was pregnant. Sure, I was shocked and even a little scared, but I was also happy. Was this the best time to have a child? No, most certainly not. However a part of me was beaming with happiness, utterly excited to have a child. Sure, I wanted kids a little further down the road but knowing that in just a few months I would have a baby of my own filled me with a deep contentment. My nerves were jumbled around but I could still register the happiness.

            “I’m sure Evan will be happy Sutton. How could he not be?” Lisa soothed. Her words brought on another round of panic.           

            What would Evan think of this? Just a few days ago he had been telling me his Alpha job was tiring and extremely time consuming. I’m almost certain having a child was not in his plans at the moment. He was already busy with keeping alliances with other packs strong while also welcoming in new members to the pack. Our pack was large with new members arriving frequently which kept my husband busy. What if he didn’t want a child? What if he was angry that I was pregnant? I sat up quickly, my hand unconsciously settling on my flat stomach. I already knew I couldn’t give this baby up but it would be a huge strain on our marriage if he didn’t want our child.

            “Look, Paige went downstairs a few minutes ago which means Evan will be up here in the next minute. So get yourself together and suck it up!” Lisa ordered.

            “Oh! Paige! How is she going to feel with me having a baby? I mean, she’s never had any other parental figures and she just got back. I don’t want her to think we’re replacing her or something.” I slapped a hand to my forehead before gasping. “We haven’t even reintroduced her to the pack. They still don’t know. She probably hates me!”

            “Damn pregnant women and their mood swings.” Lisa muttered.

            “What was that?” I scowled, narrowing my eyes at her.

            “You’re right; Paige has never had any other parental figures. It’s probably a shock to her that you’re pregnant but I can guarantee you she doesn’t hate you. And if it makes you feel any better, Taylor and I have been planning a party for Paige to be reintroduced into the pack. It’s set for tomorrow night and we’ve already invited all the pack members. Granted the pack is so huge and spans several states, I expect only the members living nearby to attend. Word will spread about her return however.”

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