This would be the sequel to I'm Sorry Did You Say Mate?

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                                                Chapter 1

Paige’s POV:

            “Could you be any less annoying?”

            “Could you be any less irritating?”

            I sighed and shook my head. Claire and Taylor were going at it again and if they continued, Sutton would intervene soon. Let’s just say it’s not pretty when she has to intervene. Time for me to step in.

            “Girls, knock it off. Stop bickering, we’re here for Sutton. Your sister. Remember?” They both looked away from each other and turned to me. They blinked before turning back to each other, about to start arguing again. Alright, Plan B. “You know if you keep arguing, Sutton is going to come out. And you know what will happen if she does…”

            They separated instantly and were content to sit on opposite sofas, glaring at each other. Lisa looked up from her phone and laugh softly at the two girls. She found their constant fighting amusing while I found it rather…irritating. I’ve grown up with them and while I look at them like sisters, they’re nonstop arguing was tiring to say in the least. We all heard a long sigh come from the dressing room before she spoke with a relieved tone.

            “Thank you Paige.” I beamed proudly and nodded, even though she couldn’t hear me.

            “You’re welcome.” I replied quietly.

            The door opened and we all gasped softly as Sutton stepped out surrounded by swirls of white. Her long hair flowed gently down her back and over her shoulders, standing out against the pure white of the fabric. Her dress itself was amazing with a tight bodice embedded with swirling crystals while the bottom half flowed out around her legs. I felt my eyes water as I looked at the woman I had learned to call my mother. She was stunningly beautiful.

            “Breathtaking.” Lisa echoed my thoughts, her eyes teary too.

            “Jesus Sutton, you’re going to give Evan a heart attack.” Taylor joked, smiling at her sister.

            “That’s the plan.” Sutton laughed as she looked at herself in the mirror.

            “I can’t believe this is the final dress fitting and then you’ll be married in three days.” Claire murmured in disbelief.

            “Well it’s about time. They’ve been engaged for like two years!” Lisa remarked. We all laughed at that.

            When Sutton had graduated college we’d all moved back to Michigan and her and Evan took over as the Alphas. They’d gotten engaged in the middle of her last year at school and when we’d returned they’d been busy dealing with new pack stuff it had sort of slipped their minds to get married. Lisa was right though, it’s been a good two years since he’d first proposed.

            “Hey! Not everyone gets married right away.” Sutton retorted.

 Lilah, Kat, and Elise were already married, leaving Lisa and Sutton the only unwed girls in their group. Lisa like to joke her and Sutton were the only ones able to hold out. That obviously changed as they were both engaged. Lisa was set to get married in a few months.

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