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Chapter 25

Paige’s POV:

            My heart stilled and the blood drained from my face. Hunters. They were back. Call it instinctive, call it a sixth sense, whatever you want, but I just knew this had to do with me and Ariel. While it was never spoke aloud, I’d gotten the feeling while I’d been entrapped that no one had ever escaped. No one had ever been rescued and no one had ever gone back to their old life. This was a first for the hunters it looked like they were going to make sure they recaptured what they lost and never let it go again.

            I was aware of Ariel’s face contorting into one of pure terror as she came to the same realization. I was aware of James’ grip on me tightening as his arms brought me closer into a protective circle. A roaring in my ears blocked all other sounds and I watched mindlessly as Spencer’s mouth opened and closed as he shouted orders. Evan and Sutton were at his side in the next instant, both of their faces grim. My gaze switched to Ariel as tears streamed continuously down her face, her mouth opening to let out soundless sobs. Her mate hugged her to his chest as he whispered words into her ears. My body seemed frozen, my senses paralyzed. I could hear nothing and I could feel only the distant sting of numbness. My mind was blank, devoid of everything but one single thought.

            The hunters had come back for me.

            James’ face suddenly entered my line of vision as he leaned down to look into my eyes. His mouth was moving but his words did not reach me. I stared at him blankly as he continued to shout silent words at me. I did not react when he shook my shoulders lightly and I did not react when his face became pained. I’m sure his voice was getting louder but all I could hear, all I could register was a thundering in my ears. The thundering left no one for any other noise and instead only let me register one thing.

            I wasn’t free. My nightmare had come true and it was here to take me.

            Suddenly I was moving and the landscape was blurring. James kept me pressed closely to his body as he continued to hold me and run. I was vaguely aware of someone running beside us. The blackness of the night diminished as we entered the brightly lit house. Creamy walls flashed by me as James continued to run with me in his arms, pictures becoming blurry and distorted as we passed by quickly. I had no clue as to where we were going and I was in no state to inquire our destination. After a few more brief moments, James stopped inside a large room and carefully set me on the floor. The room looked vaguely familiar but I didn’t dwell too much on why. James leaned down and looked into my eye as he spoke to me. The roaring in my ears was slowly receding but I still couldn’t make out what he was saying.

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