Chapter 11

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            Chapter 11

Paige’s POV:

            My mind slowly grasped the tendrils of consciousness and brought me back to the real world. Once again, I awoke with an aching pain which isn’t uncommon what with the fact that I’m a captive who’s used as a punching bag when the guards get bored. I let my eyes remain closed for just a moment longer to prolong the inevitable. I would eventually have to open my eyes and face the lifeless day ahead of me but for now I can allow myself solace in just a few extra seconds of oblivion. Letting out a deep breath, I winced at the pain in my side, and slowly opened my eyes prepared to see the cool, grey walls of my cell.

Instead I saw white.

            A white ceiling greeted me with stark, bright lights momentarily blinding me. My eyes adjusted to the brightness and sluggishly traced the embossed swirls on the ceiling. The more I looked at the pure whiteness, the more I began to be sure that I was either still dreaming or had finally lost it and slipped into a place known as insanity. The whitest thing I’d seen while being held was a dingy grey cloth that was used to wipe the grime from the locks. Surely, the pure snow white in front of me is nothing but my imagination. I had almost gotten my mind to fully believe it when a face suddenly broke the long stretch of white above me. I gasped and hissed quickly when a pain shot up from my side at the sudden intake of breath.

            An unfamiliar face peered down at me, jotting something down on the clipboard he held. His hand reached down into his pristine white coat and produced a small, silver flashlight. Switching back and forth, he took turns shining the beam of light into my eyes. Without him needing to say any instructions, I dutifully followed his fingers as he held them up and moved them around. Maybe the guards knocked me around too hard and were forced to take me to their doctor. I mean, the guy currently observing me was obviously a doctor but why he was making sure I was alright was a mystery to me. Usually I’m just left on the ground to wallow in my pain. After jotting something else down on his clipboard he finally looked up at me and for the first time in three years, someone smiled at me.

            “Hello Paige.” My eyes widened slightly. No one ever called me by my name much less smiled at me.

            “What happened?” I croaked, wanting to know why they were all of a sudden treating me nicely. This wasn’t common which means they want something for me. Unfortunately, I have nothing left to give.

            “I’m sure you have questions and I’ll be happy to answer them but if I don’t let him come in I’m pretty sure he’ll have an aneurism.” He chuckled at his own joke and started to walk away. I struggled to sit up which caused him to turn. “Oh, my bad. I forgot to raise you up.” He produced a remote control and pressed a button. Automatically, my upper half began to move up until I was in a lounging position.

            “Thank you.” I whispered hoarsely. The rest of the room was bare with only a small chair occupying it.

            The doctor walked over to a door tucked into a corner of the room and opened it. Fear overtook me as I thought about him going to get a guard or even worse, Brian. The man has always had a particular hatred for me as well as a fiery hatred towards my old pack. A frantic voice that sounded familiar drifted towards me as I looked on curiously. I couldn’t place the voice but I’m sure I’ve heard it before. The voice definitely didn’t belong to Brian which instantly calmed me down. The doctor spoke a few words in a soothing tone and stepped back. My mouth went dry when someone else stepped through the door, his worried eyes finding me instantly.

Oh. My. God.

            I never in my life thought I'd ever see him again. Salty droplets of water sprang to my eyes as I gazed at the man standing before me. Had the hunters captured him too? Oh God, had they captured Sutton? The way he stood, so freely and without his usual protective stance, implied that he was here willingly. If he was really here of his own free will then it has to mean that the hunters weren't around because there's no way he would ever let them harm me if he could help it. So if the hunters weren't around and he was here, then something must have happened. Something I can't remember.

            “Paige.” He breathed. His eyes pooled with what looked like tears.

            “Evan.” Tears were already streaming down my face as I opened my arms eagerly and embraced his large form. If this was a dream, I certainly didn’t want to wake from it.


I know this was really short but it was more of a filler because the next chapter has a lot of things happening and I wanted to have more time to write it. I'm sorry if you're upset that it ended there but I'd really like more time to write the next chapter so that it captures all the action and emotion. I already know exactly what's going to happen so I just have to get a few extra minutes so I can sit and write it. It'll probably be up Friday because tomorrow I'm updating Rightfully His. Sorry for the delay in updates, my laptop is down for the count so I have to borrow a computer when I want to upload. Thank you for understanding and again, I apologize for the length(or lack of) of this chapter.

Thank you to anyone who voted or commented on this less than interesting chapter. I promise the next one will be wayyyy better :)

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