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                                                Chapter 7

            Pain. Excruciating pain. I’ve heard stories that the first shift is like giving birth and having your arm cut off at the same time with no pain killers. This was like giving birth to a sumo wrestler and having every one of my limbs be set on fire and then cut off. With no pain killers.

I bit my lip as another wave of pain rolled through my entire body and set my nerves ablaze. My breath came out in shaky tremors, my hands shaking. This was it. I was going to shift for the very first time being held captive by the very people that were hell bent on destroying me.

            “Ariel.” I choked out, needing some sort of support. She stirred in her bed but didn’t wake up. “Ariel!” I sobbed, whimpering in pain when another shock of pain reverberated through my body.

            “Huh?” Sleep laced her voice as she sat up, rubbing her eyes.

            “It’s happening.” I hissed as a bone in my ankle snapped.

            “What’s happeni-” Her eyes widened when she saw my current state. “Shit!” Ariel jumped up and pressed herself to the bars that were locking her in.

            “Oh God, it hurts.” I collapsed onto the floor as another bone in my body shifted positions.

            “Take a deep breath Paige. Keep taking deep breaths and listen to my voice.” She advised soothingly. Due to the torrent of fire that was running through my veins it was hard to concentrate on anything other than the pain. I cried out when one of my ribs cracked and another bone in my leg dislocated.

            “Make it end.” I moaned, black spots clouding my vision.

            “Shh! Take it easy please. I know this is really hard but you need to be quiet. You don’t want them to come in here and find you like this. You know they would love to run tests on you while you’re shifting.”

            “You’re right.” I gasped as a finger on my left hand bent at an odd angle.

            “Grab the pillow and every time you feel a strong burst of pain, put your face in it so it’ll muffle your screams. Trust me, you’re going to need to do that when the bigger bones start to break.” My heart began to race as she said bigger bones. Bigger bones meant more pain.

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