Chapter 12

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                                                            Chapter 12

Paige’s POV:

            I clung to Evan like my sanity depended it and in that moment, it probably did. I didn’t bother to try and stop the tears that were flowing freely down my face. I was hugging someone that I never thought I would see ever again, wiping away tears seemed too insignificant compared to that. Evan’s arms were tight around me, murmuring soothing words into my ear. Seeing him brought everything back. The line of wolves surrounding my prison, the familiar black wolf and intriguing silver one. Being stabbed in the side. More distantly and hazily, I recalled being picked up and feeling tingles spread throughout my body.

            “Paige, I never thought I would see you again.” Evan pulled away and smiled down at me, his eyes still shining.

            The years had been good to him. While his face looked much older than his young age, he was still undeniably handsome. His blond hair was cropped shorter and wherever he’d been in that last few months, he’d certainly gotten a fair amount of sun to account for his tan. Watered down with unshed tears, his eyes were the same clear but blue.

            “I could say the same to you.” We both smiled at one another for a moment before he took a seat in the chair next to my bed.

            “I’m so glad we’ve gotten you back. You have to know we always had someone looking for you. We never gave up on the idea that we might find you. I certainly didn’t expect to find you when we raided that compound but I’m glad we did.” My heart swelled with thought of them never giving up on me. I knew my mom wouldn’t just leave me. Wait, my mother, Sutton.

            “Is she here? Is my mom here? Sutton?” I looked to the door and then back to him.

            “No she isn’t here. We haven’t told her yet.” I looked at him, confused for a moment.

            “Well why not?” I asked finally.

            “First, you’re still injured and we need to get you healed before you can go home. With your healing abilities we should be able to leave by tomorrow. You’ll still be sore but more able to move around. Second, Sutton had some exams that were today and I didn’t want her to miss them. Plus, when I left a few days ago she was coming down with some stomach flu or something. Poor girl couldn’t hold anything down.” My face was alight with happiness as he talked about her.

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