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Chapter 21

Paige’s POV:


            We all stared at each other, shock evident on our faces. Sutton? Pregnant? I almost wanted to laugh at how weird it felt to think about it. I already knew she would be an amazing mother, she did raise me after all. It was just odd to picture her with a baby that shared her and Evan’s features, a baby that would be all hers. I frowned as a spurt of jealousy ran through me directed towards any future child of Sutton’s. She would always be my mom but no matter how much I wished it weren’t true, she would always only be my adoptive mom. Any future children of hers would be able to have the happiness of calling her mom knowing that her blood ran through them. In that second, I wished desperately that she had been my biological mom.

            “Pregnant?” Sutton whispered, her face pale.

            “Come on.” Lisa suddenly said, grabbing Sutton’s hand. She gestured for me to follow, respecting my aversion to her touch, and led us out of the bathroom.

            “Where are we going?” I asked, rushing to keep up with her rapid pace.

            “Drugstore.” Lisa muttered, lowering her voice as we stepped into the hallway.

            “And may I ask why we’re going to the store?” Lisa stopped and gave Sutton a disbelieving stare.

            “Are you really that daft? First you don’t figure out that you’re most likely pregnant and now you can’t figure out that we have to go to the store to get a pregnancy test? Aren’t you studying to be a doctor?” Sutton glared at Lisa and placed her hands on her hips.

            “One, that was slightly hurtful. Two, I’ve been busy. Excuse me for not putting everything together so quickly. You know the last few weeks have been stressful, I just assumed I had the stomach flu. And three, we may be best friends but I’m trying really hard to rein in my wolf because she is not happy about the tone of voice you’re using.” Sutton snapped back.

            “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to talk to you like that.” Lisa apologized.

            “It’s ok. I can be pretty unobservant.” Sutton smiled brightly, her voice coming out calm and cheerful. A total contrast to a second ago.

            “Pregnant women and their mood swings.” Lisa muttered to me and shook her head.

            “Wait, we can’t just leave. Everyone is here for dinner.” Sutton interjected as we moved down the stairs.

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