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                                           Chapter 23

James’ POV:

            I smirked slightly as she inhaled sharply, her body betraying her as she leaned even further into me. I reveled in the feel of her skin against mine, her body fitting perfectly against my own. My wolf purred in pleasure at having out mate in our grasp. I wasn’t sure why she was resisting me so strongly but I refused to let her go so easily. I was determined to get her to at least give us chance.

            “Well?” I questioned after she hadn’t answered my question.

            “Hmm?” She murmured, sounding completely at ease.

            “Where is it that you thought you were going?” At my question, Paige snapped out of whatever calm trance she was in and leaned forward to escape my hold.

            Sorry love, but that’s not happening.

            “Nuh uhh uhh,” I chastised, pulling her backwards until her back was flush against my chest. “You aren’t going anywhere.”

            “But I have to-” She cut off as I pressed a soft kiss behind her ear. I couldn’t hold back the urge to touch her. I smiled again when she started to talk before trailing off. “I have to…”

            “Yes?” She sighed quietly as I pressed another kiss to her head, keeping my face near hers.

            “You shouldn’t do that.” She contradicted herself when she leant her head against my shoulder.

            “And why’s that?” I whispered, touching my lips to the edge of her jaw. She shuddered slightly before shakily inhaling.

            “Because then I’ll get addicted.” She paused as I kissed at her jaw once more.

            “That’s the point love.” I clued her in.

            “But I can’t get addicted.” Paige’s eyes closed briefly as my hands ran up her arms. “That would be bad. Very bad.”

            “And why would that be a bad thing?” I frowned but didn’t stop my slow pursuit.

            “Because if I got addicted to your touch, then I’ll start to like you.” Her breathless voice made me smile.

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