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This chapter has a lot of James and Paige in it, okay it's all about them, because I've been getting requests for more of them. It also jumps forward a year so beware.

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There's a part where it's kind of like a flashback and that part is italicized so keep that in mind

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Chapter 31

*1 year later*

James’ POV:

            I paused in front of the door and couldn’t contain the smile on my face. I’d been gone awhile and now I was eager to get back to what I had missed the most. A loud shriek followed by a series of giggles greeted my ears as I walked into the apartment. I could hear Paige’s soft voice as she cooed to her little brother and followed the sound until I came to a stop in the doorway of the living room. Jackson sat on Paige’s lap and looked at her adoringly. She ticked his stomach playfully causing him to shriek once again and roll away from her. He climbed unsteadily to his feet and waddled away from her, laughing the whole way. Jackson was just a week short of being a year and had begun the stages of starting to walk. I leaned against the doorway and crossed my arms as I watched the two interact.

            “Babysitting again?” I asked. Paige adored Jackson and watched him whenever she was available.

            “I haven’t seen the little guy in a while and I missed him.” Paige flicked her eyes up to me and spared me a grin before focusing on Jackson once again.

            “And yet you don’t miss me when I’m gone.” I replied flatly, putting on my pouting face. She looked at me once again before sighing and getting up. I didn’t move from my position as she walked up to me and looped her arms around my neck.

            “You know I miss you very much when you’re gone.” She said in between peppering my face with kisses.

            “I’m not so sure about that.” I knew that if I kept it up just a little bit longer she would give me what I craved.

            “Such a crybaby.” She murmured before finally giving in and kissing me.

            I sighed as I felt something close to relief fill me at the sensation of Paige’s lips moving against my own. I roped my arms around her waist and held her closer to me, basking in all that was my mate. Her scent engulfed me nose and I inhaled greedily. I’d missed the way she smelled, and how her soft skin felt when I ran my hands over it. I’d missed Paige plain and simple and I wasn’t afraid to admit it.

            “I missed you.” She whispered when I pulled away to look at her. Her eyes sparkled with adoration and I knew mine reflected the same.

            “I missed you too. You have no idea how much I missed you.” I didn’t give her any time to respond and instead swooped down to engulf her mouth in another kiss.

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