27: Catcalling

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"Hey, Doc,"

Hana turned her back on her guest and went through her paperwork again. She had already been through this particular folder, and she knew that the cure hypothesis in there didn't work, but she didn't know what else to do. Namjoon made her nervous and she had forgotten to lock the lab door earlier.

"Hey, don't ignore me," Namjoon sighed, "If you don't want me here, just say so. It was fun to tease you to start but if you really don't want me around just tell me,"

He got to his feet, "Sorry I was such a bother,"

"It's not that," Hana said, her back still turned to him, "I just don't know how to react,"

"Well, you could actually talk to me," Namjoon said, "You've still got your back turned to me,"

Hana sighed and turned to look at the soldier, her cheeks pink, "Sorry," She muttered, "I'm not used to the attention. The last man that gave me attention was just..." She trailed off, "Doesn't matter. I'm just not very trusting,"

"Namjoon's not like that," Both Namjoon and Hana turned when they heard a male voice in the door of the lab.

Hoseok smiled sheepishly, "Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt. I was going to leave, but I thought I should speak up," He turned, looking back over his shoulder as he headed away, "Namjoon's a good man. You should trust him by now, right?"

Namjoon grinned widely as Hoseok disappeared, turning back to Hana, "So, do you want me to leave, or do you want me to keep chasing you? Cause I will until you tell me no,"

"Why, though?" Hana asked.

"Because obviously, I like you," Namjoon rolled his eyes, "For a scientist, you really aren't all that clever,"

"You flirt by calling me stupid?"

"I didn't call you stupid,"

"You said I wasn't clever,"

"You're not,"

"That means I'm stupid!"

"Don't make things up, I never said that,"

Namjoon laughed as Hana pouted a bit, "That's cute," He said, reaching out and tilting her chin up a little so she was looking at him, "The pouty lips make me want to kiss you-"

"Save it for later," 

Namjoon sighed and turned to the door of the lab as he was interrupted, "Sarge," He sighed, "Your timing could be better,"

"Sorry, Joon," Jimin said, "But Jin and I found some weaknesses in the outer fences. We need all the help we can get to fix them before nightfall,"

Namjoon nodded and stood up, "Okay, I'll be right up,"

Jimin disappeared back up the stairs and Namjoon got to his feet.

"Oh, Hana?"

Hana looked up at him, "Yes?"

He leaned down, pressing his lips quickly into hers, "See you later," He winked and left the lab, leaving Hana a blushing mess behind him.


"Looking good babe," Bee gave her best impression of a wolf whistle when she saw Jimin walk past with a roll of wire fence on his shoulder. It was hot out and the men had been fixing the weaknesses in the fence for an hour already, while Bee, Daisy and Hana sat and watched.

"Hey, baby, look this way," Bee called again, making Daisy giggle, "Smile, it's not the end of the world,"

Jungkook laughed, "Did men actually think that girls would fall for them when they catcalled like that?" He was in an excellent mood, because they were letting him help rather than making him just sit and watch.

"Nah, I don't think so. I just think they liked being asses,"

"Hey, hey, it's really hot," Bee called out to Jimin again, "Why don't you take your shirt off?"

Jimin finally broke and laughed, turning to face her, "Babe, you wouldn't let me work if I took my shirt off,"

"You know," Namjoon, said, smirking as he laid eyes on Hana, "Maybe taking my shirt off would be a good idea. I am super hot,"

"Don't flatter yourself," Yoongi called, "You're not that hot,"

"I meant as in temperature," Namjoon replied, "But yes, I am also super attractive, you're just jealous,"

Namjoon put his tools on the ground and stood up, slowly pulling his shirt up over his head. The other guys followed suit, except for Jimin, who was still locked in the stare off with his wife.

"Jimin," Hoseok laughed, "Stop flirting and help us finish. This is the last one,"

"Alright," Jimin smirked, and not taking his eyes off of Bee, lowered the wire fence to the ground and ever so slowly dragged his shirt up over his head, until he was completely shirtless. Bee rolled her eyes and pretended to yawn as he flexed his muscles, his golden skin glistening with sweat.

"You lost, Sarge," Namjoon snickered, "Can you help us or what?"

"So it would seem," Jimin grinned, and turned, getting back to work.

"Hey, Hana," Bee said, turning to look at the quiet Doctor, "We can see you staring at Namjoon,"

"He has an impressive body," Daisy admitted, "But I think Jin is better,"

"Of course you do," Hana replied, "You're in love with him, so it doesn't matter what he looks like, to you he is attractive,"

There was silence between them for a moment before the doctor sighed, "Yes, fine, Namjoon is attractive," She looked at him again, "Very attractive. Extremely attractive- okay fine, yes, I'm into him but I don't know if I should be,"

"Well, that's silly," Daisy said, "If you like him, you like him. He's not married or in a relationship, and in this world, what do you have to lose?"

"Besides," Bee said, narrowing her eyes and leaning over to face him, "If you keep leading him on, I'm going to get mad. Namjoon's one of the best guys I have ever met, and he deserves a lot more than someone who just leads him on all the time,"

"I'm not leading him on," Hana said quietly.

"Then stop making him chase you," Bee muttered, leaning back into her chair, "He's not a dog. If you're not going to make a decision soon, tell him,"

Hana narrowed her eyes, "It's not your business,"

"I'm making it my business,"

"Just because you're the wife of the Sergeant doesn't make you the queen here, Bee," Hana snapped, "So back off,"

"Okay, please stop," Daisy cried as Bee stood up, "Don't turn this nice afternoon into a fight-"

"I haven't punched anyone yet," Bee said, "It's not a fight,"

She turned and walked away from them.

"Where're you going?" Hoseok asked as he walked past her with another roll of fence, "We're almost done,"

"I'm going to look at the tulips," Bee answered, "I'll be back inside soon,"


AN: I'm super super ill, so even I find this writing kinda lazy, but it is important to the story, so please bare with the slow pace lol

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