31: Mixed Up

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Bee was sitting quietly at the table, her head low. She had one hand resting on her stomach, and the other was holding on to a cup of water that Daisy had put in front of her. She hadn't said a word since Hana had struck her, and Jimin was getting worried.

They had cleared the area and quickly fixed the hole in the fence that the dead ones came in through once the horde had moved on. Luckily, there were only a few stragglers that they let Taehyung kill through the fence. They'd deal with the bodies later, after they had dealt with the situation they were currently in.

"Baby," Jimin said, rubbing her back gently, "Please don't be like this,"

Bee still said nothing, and her husband sighed, dragging his fingers through his hair before turning to Jungkook, "Could you go and get Yoongi and Hana, please?"

Jungkook nodded, holding onto his chicken tightly as he headed out of the kitchen and down to the basement. Yoongi was still outside Hana's office, leant up against the wall with his arms crossed. He looked up at Jungkook as he came towards him, his eyes sad.

"Kook," He said softly, "They want us upstairs?"

Jungkook nodded and Yoongi pushed himself off the wall, reaching out to pat his shoulder, "You alright?"

Jungkook looked down with a sigh, "Hana hit Bee. Bee is sad. Hoseok is dead. Is anyone really alright?"

Yoongi sighed, "You're right. And Hana has put herself in a terrible situation right now," He knocked on the door to the office, and when it swung open, he addressed Hana, "They want us upstairs,"

Hana nodded and stepped outside, closing the door behind her, "You hate me, don't you?" She said venomously, "For hitting your precious Bee,"

"Stop it!" Jungkook snapped, "Why are you being like this?"

"She killed Hoseok!" Hana cried, "But of course, none of you are going to-"

Yoongi grabbed the doctor by her shoulders and slammed her into the wall behind her, "Listen up, Hana," He said angrily, "You better fix that attitude of yours, or Jimin's going to just kick you out. Jungkook and I don't want to see you leave, but if you carry on being so aggressive and accusatory, he's going to have no choice. You slapped his pregnant wife and you don't even have the whole story. Hoseok made his decision, do you really think he'd want you to act like this? He was killed, but not by Bee," Yoongi let her go and stepped back, "Dead ones killed him,"

He turned, and headed up the stairs, "Hurry up,"

Jungkook waited until Hana went upstairs before he followed. He had mixed feelings about what had happened, and it was upsetting him a lot. First of all, one of his adopted family was dead. Hoseok may have had his moments, but he was supportive and a strong, independent member of their group. He guided them and Jimin had relied heavily on him to get them from point A to point B. Without him, Jimin would never have even found him and Yoongi. He always did his work without complaint and he had suffered a heavy loss in his life, but still found the means to live on.

He had known Hana for a while, much longer than he had known Bee, but to him, Bee had a special place in his heart. She constantly reminded him that he was helpful, and that he had a purpose and a place within the group. He wasn't just a walking cure, he helped in other important ways. Bee could be harsh but she cared greatly for everyone around her. She was probably hurting a lot more than Hana thought; she never would have let Hoseok do what he did if she had a choice.

Hana was also very caring in her own way, but this time she was so mixed up. Jungkook suspected her anger at Bee was a reflection of her anger at herself. Hana couldn't save her friend and that upset her, so she just lashed out at the only other person who was there when Hoseok was hurt.

He didn't want to see them fight, but he knew that they needed to talk this situation out, or it was going to get worse.

Jungkook headed up the stairs and towards the kitchen, where he could hear chairs scraping against the floor as people sat down. He sighed and Little clucked in his arms, stretching her neck up to nudge his chin, asking for attention. He absentmindedly stroked her. He didn't think Hana actually blamed Bee. He thought she blamed herself but was too upset at what had happened to think rationally.

Hoseok had sacrificed himself to save Bee, and he didn't want it to be in vain. He didn't want the group to crumble because of this; Hoseok would have wanted them to become stronger, not weaker.

Jungkook wasn't going to let Hoseok's death be for nothing. That would be the worst way to honour his memory.

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