8: Quarantine

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"So, Bee and Daisy are in quarantine?" Jungkook asked sadly once Jimin had explained the situation, "They're sick?"

"We don't know that yet," Jimin said, "I'm going to stay positive, but we need to make another trip. To some kind of pharmacy this time, going to a hospital just wouldn't be good enough and there'd be too much of a risk,"

"I want to go with you this time," Namjoon insisted, "You've been leaving me behind,"

"Because I only trust you to protect the manor," Jimin said, "But fine. You can come with me this time. Yoongi will be in charge, and I want Jin to stay behind," He turned to Hoseok, "You come this time. Taehyung stays behind to keep an eye on everything,"

"I want to come!" Jungkook exclaimed suddenly, jumping to his feet, "I'm less than useless around here, please let me-"

"No," Jimin cut him off, "You stay. You'd be no good in a fight, you have no training at all and you'd be a liability,"

Jungkook wilted a little and slowly lowered down into his seat. Jimin's eyes flickered to him, and then to Taehyung, who was stood by the door.

"Tell us what we need, and then we'll set out straight away,"

"But it'll be dark soon!" Hoseok argued, "We can't go in the dark!"

"We have no choice," Jimin snapped, "Besides, you will be driving the bus until we find a car, then you will return,"

"On my own?!"

Jimin narrowed his eyes, "Fine. Hana, get some things, you'll be coming too, to keep the pansy company on the bus,"

Hoseok narrowed his eyes and got to his feet, "Do you hate me Park Jimin?" He said, "Because I get the feeling you don't like me,"

"Don't push me right now, Hoseok," Jimin growled, taking a step towards him, "This isn't the time to be fucking around. If I hated you, you'd know about it,"

"I know you hate me," Hoseok snapped, "You were even rude to Jungkook when all he wanted to do was hel-"

Hoseok was cut off by Jimin's hand closing around his throat and slamming him into the wall. He choked out a gasp as the Sergeant leaned in closer.

"My pregnant wife is in quarantine right now for a horrific disease that might kill her and everybody else," His voice was dealthy quiet and Hoseok felt a shiver run up his spine, "I am not in the mood for your shit," He pulled back, letting go of his throat, "Everyone pack your shit. We leave in ten,"

He turned and left the kitchen, heading straight up to his bedroom.

Jin moved to Hoseok, passing him a cool, damp towel to put across his sore neck, "I think he said those things to Jungkook to protect him," He said quietly, "Because Jungkook would insist on going and he might get hurt,"

Hoseok sighed and nodded, "I guess,"

"I'm going to tell Yoongi," Namjoon said, heading out of the kitchen, "I'll wait by the bus. Get moving,"


"Baby, open up," Jimin said, gently rapping his knuckles against the bedroom door, "I have to go out to get some medication,"

"I can't," Bee's voice was muffled through the wood of the door and Jimin sighed, leaning his head against it.

"Please don't make me go without saying goodbye,"

"I don't want you to get sick," Bee said, "Please, Jimin, just be safe,"

Jimin sighed, "Baby-"

"Please," Her voice wavered as if she was on the verge of tears, "Come back safe,"

Jimin frowned and pushed on the door, "We don't know you're sick yet. Unlock it,"


"Unlock it!"


"This is so stupid!" Jimin cried, "Unlock it, that's an order!"

There was silence and Jimin instantly knew he had messed up. There was the sound of a key turning and the door swung open slowly, revealing an angry looking blonde scientist.

"The door is unlocked, Sir," She snapped, "I'm sorry it took so long,"


Bee took a step away from him, her arms folded under her chest.

"I didn't mean it like that," He muttered, "I just wanted to say goodbye,"

"I know you're stressed Jimin," Bee said, "I know you have a hard job and you're in a bad situation right now, but you shouldn't take it out on the rest of us,"

Jimin ran his fingers through his hair, "Yeah, I know. I'm sorry," He took a step towards her, but she stepped backwards.


"Jimin," She cut him off, "Please, I don't want to risk it anymore than we already have. I trust you, I know you'll come back safely,"

Jimin stared at her for a moment,his eyes wide and full of all the different emotions he was feeling. However, he took a deep breath and nodded, stepping backwards.

"Take care of yourself, baby," He said softly as he backed out of the room, "I love you,"

Bee pouted just a little, "I love you, too,"

The door closed loudly behind him and she slowly moved to it and twisted the key in the lock. With a sigh, she moved to their bed and sat down, her hand tracing over her stomach.

She was feeling a little under the weather, and although she knew it was just morning sickness rearing it's ugly head again, she was still worried.

If she got sick, there would be no way to save her and her baby. But she could at least make sure that Jimin did not have the same fate.


AN: Sorry I've not been updating. I'm having a rough time right now in my personal life and I've been quite ill.


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