30: Shattered

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As soon as Bee turned her face back to Hana, the room erupted into chaos. Yoongi and Namjoon rushed Taehyung as he barrelled towards the doctor, the knife from his belt already in his hand. They almost threw him up against the wall, pinning both his arms as he kicked and struggled to free himself.

Jungkook immediately placed himself in between Hana and Bee and Daisy and Jin both pulled Hana back to prevent her from doing anything else. Jimin, although desperate to comfort his wife, knew his first priority was to take control of the situation, so without waiting, he grabbed an empty beaker from the table and launched it across the room at with such strength that it shattered loudly on impact.

The sudden noise caused everyone to momentarily stop moving, and he took the opportunity to speak.

"Everyone shut the fuck up!" He said, as loudly as he dared, "In case you didn't realise, there's a horde outside! Do we want to bring them all in on us? No, so be quiet!"

He turned to Taehyung, "Put the knife away,"

Yoongi let go of Taehyung's arm, but the medic did nothing but glare at Hana, who shrunk back just a little. Jimin moved to him quickly, putting his hand on Taehyung's throat and pushing him back into the wall.

"I said," He growled, "Put. The. Knife. Away. Don't make me force you, Tae,"

After a moment, Taehyung slowly slid his knife back into his belt, and both Namjoon and Jimin stepped back to allow him to calm down.

"You," Jimin turned angrily to Hana, "You-"

"I'm sorry," Hana cut him off, "I shouldn't have hit her, but-"

"Are you sorry because you hit her, or are you sorry because of the position you're in now?" Jimin asked coldly, "Because you're in one hell of a position, Yoo Hana,"

Hana was silent and Jimin huffed, "Yeah, I thought so," He turned to Yoongi, "Take her to her office and keep her there. We'll discuss this once the horde is completely clear,"

Yoongi nodded, "Yes, Sarge," He said quietly, before moving to Hana. He reached for her upper arm, ready to drag her out of the lab, but Hana stepped back and moved by herself. As soon as she was gone, Jungkook turned to Bee.

"Are you okay?"He asked, "Here, hold Little, she'll make you feel better,"

"She can't hold the chicken, you Goddamn simpleton," Taehyung snapped at him, "She's pregnant! Or did you forget?"

"Go over there and shut the fuck up," Jimin ordered him, pointing across the room, "Move, now,"

Taehyung narrowed his eyes at Jimin, but did as he was told, moving to the other end of the lab and taking a seat on one of the counters. Once he was out of the way, Jimin finally moved past Jungkook to Bee.

Jungkook stepped aside sadly, and Jin patted his shoulder gently, "We know you mean well, Jungkook," He said, "So does Bee. Don't listen to Taehyung,"

"Baby," Jimin cupped his wife's face, "You okay?"

"I've had worse," She muttered, not looking at him.

Jimin sighed, "What she said isn't true. I saw the position you were in. It wasn't your fault. If anything, it was my fault for not checking the fences properly. You're not to blame,"

"Nobody is," Jin spoke up, "Hoseok made his choice. He chose to do what he did, and he would hate for everyone to be arguing about it right now,"

Daisy nodded in agreement, "He was a hero. Despite everyone's differences, he stepped up. He saved Bee and her baby,"

"And all of us," Jungkook added somberly, looking over at Hoseok's body, that was unmoving on the bed, "If Bee had been hurt, Jimin wouldn't be able to look after us anymore. We need him,"

"I understand why Hana said that," Namjoon finally spoke up for the first time since he had come back into the room, "I don't agree with it, but I understand. She's in pain and the only thing she could do is point fingers,"

"Well she lifted a hand against my wife," Jimin snapped, "So we will have to come to a decision on what's to be done," He sighed, his eyes fixating on Hoseok, "But Taehyung was right. We need to deal with him before it's too late. He'd hate to become a dead one,"

Jimin ran his fingers through his hair, "Taehyung," He said, "Please come and check Bee to make sure the baby is okay. Namjoon," He looked at his friend sadly, "Let's make sure Hoseok doesn't rise. Once it's safe to go out, we'll make him a nice area to rest in. He deserves it for what he did for us,"

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