Kim Taehyung

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-Warning: May contain content that some readers might find disturbing-

"Taetae, oh no, did another kitten die?" 

Taehyung looked up at his mother from the lifeless body of his pet kitten on his lap. It was the fifth one she had brought him. She wasn't home much because she was working so much, so she had brought him a kitten to keep him company. He didn't have any friends at school, and he had no other family apart from his mother and father; he rarely saw his father, because he was always out drinking or sleeping with other women.

When he was home, he just beat up his mother and yelled at him. But he didn't care. He would rather they both just die and get it over with.

It wasn't slow developing, this feeling of wishing death on his parents. He was pretty sure he was born with it. He was already sixteen and had felt this way as long as he could remember. He didn't hate his parents at all. In fact, he didn't really care either way.

This kitten had put up a fight to being strangled. His hand was a shredded mess, blood dripping everywhere.  It had bitten and scratched and kicked. It was actually quite an exciting event, if he had to admit it to anyone. He had felt nothing with the last four that he had killed, but this was the most exciting. So far, his favourite method of killing was choking, but he had only killed four cats before this, so he couldn't really say for sure that it was his favourite. He had yet to explore other methods, so it was too soon to come up with a conclusion.

"I'm sorry, honey," His mother said, leaning in to take the cat from him. Taehyung tightened his grip, turning away from her. He didn't want her to have it. It was pretty, now that it wasn't moving, "I don't know why they keep dying. Maybe it's something in the water. Is the chlorine level too high?"

She managed to take the dead kitten from Taehyung, who just watched her put it into a bag and take it through the house to put into the bin.

"I'm going to work now, honey," She called, "I'll be back late, so make sure you eat and go to bed on time,"


Taehyung had been in his room for almost the whole day. He had eaten a little, but went back into his room to study his collections. 

Most of the little body parts and organs in the jam jars belonged to mice or rats that he had found. He had a jar with some bird in it, but his favourite was the raccoon. It was obviously much bigger than a mouse, so he could see how the heart worked. Plus the tail was cute. He had to get a much bigger container for that one.

He looked up when he heard a loud bang. Obviously his father had come home. It was late, so his mother must have come back, too. He carefully slid the jars back into the cardboard box and put it under his floorboards, before covering it up with the carpet. He didn't want anyone to walk in on him holding a racoon liver in a jar.

He heard a scream, and knew that this night would probably be a bad one. He wished they'd just keep quiet. He resisted the urge to go and tell them to stop. His mother always sent him away, saying nothing was wrong; treating him like he was stupid under some pretence of protecting him from their violence.

The scream was louder and more agonized, and Taehyung sighed and opened his bedroom door. The smell of alcohol hit him like a brick, even though he was quite far from the kitchen of their little bungalow. But another stench reached his nose, staining the back of his throat.


Taehyung wandered down the hallway as the sound of groans and sobbing got louder.

His eyes remained dead and dull when he saw the scene in the kitchen.

His mother was curled over in agony, sliding down the kitchen counter with a kitchen knife sticking out of her abdomen. Her stomach had probably been perforated. His father was standing over her, his face white with shock.

"Tae..." His mother gasped when she saw him, "Run, baby!"

His father turned to face him, panic on his face, "No!" He yelled, obviously realising that his son would tell the authorities. He grabbed another knife from the counter and dashed at him. Taehyung easily sidestepped his drunk fathers swing, but as he came towards him again, he lifted his hands to protect himself.

His fingers locked around his throat and he squeezed as hard as he could. It was a lot stronger than the cat, and he began to struggle to keep his hands there. His father slashed at him with the knife, and Taehyung realised it would be more efficient another way. 

He took the knife from his father's hands and turned it, plunging it into his chest. As his father fell back, he went with him, pushing the sharp blade in again, and again, and again.

His mother was already dead by now, but he didn't care.

The police report said he was stabbed seventy-two times, and when they arrived at the property after complaints of noise, Taehyung was sat, the knife still in his hand, covered in blood.

It was put down as self-defence after years of seeing his mother beaten and abused by this man.

He didn't have to go to jail, and he manipulated the psych test easily.

Once he was allowed out, he took the next best course of action he could after such an event. He started a class to learn how to become a paramedic and was then sent to join the army.

A war zone would be the best place to collect more samples.


AN: There you go! An insight into Taehyung's life!

I wrote this for a reason; a lot of you feel sorry for him, and want to know what made him like this. Well the truth is, he is a born psychopath. Yes, he had some bad circumstances in his early life, but he would murder everyone without a second thought, if it wasn't for Bee. He doesn't feel compassion, but he respects and cares for her.

Just thought I'd clear it up!

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