22: Playing

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Namjoon watched Dr Yoo as she fiddled with his IV drip and took another small vial of blood from his arm.

"Hey, Doc," He said, "I'm fine, except for a headache,"

"Need to make sure," She mumbled, moving to one of the counters to test it, "You were bitten badly yesterday, so I need to double check,"

Namjoon smiled and leaned his elbow on the table next to him, resting his face on his hand, "You're so busy," He commented, "Don't you ever slow down?"

"Ah, that's good," Hana said, ignoring Namjoon's comment, "Your blood is showing an immunity now, just like Yoongi. I now need to somehow develop this cure into an immunisation so you're covered before you get bitten,"

"Yeah, I'm cured, you're a genius," Namjoon chuckled, "So how about you slow down? I'm feeling alright this morning,"

"I still need to do tests to make sure-"

"Oh come on, woman," Namjoon rolled his eyes, "You're moving about so fast that I don't even have time to flirt with you!"

Hana immediately tripped over her own feet, landing on her face, and although he tried his damned hardest, Namjoon could not stop himself from falling about laughing. He was still attached to the IV drip, but it was on one of the poles with wheels, so he moved to her and helped her up, wiping at the tears on his face.

"You alright?" He asked once he had finally stopped laughing.

The Doctor's face was bright red, and she glared at him, "Why would you say something like that so randomly and out of nowhere? You made me trip!"

Namjoon laughed again, still holding on to her arm, "That's fucking hilarious, I'm so sorry, I know I shouldn't be laughing, but that was so funny,"

She sighed and pushed him until he stepped backwards and sat down again.

"I can see you're healthy again. You'll need to stay off your ankle for a little bit to let it heal, and I'll change the bandages every day, but you can go back upstairs once I take your IV out,"

"Boo," Namjoon grinned, "I wanted to spend more time with you, just the two of us,"

Hana choked and glared at him, "Stop teasing me,"

"Why?" Namjoon said, "Teasing is one way of flirting, and that's what I'm doing,"

"Stop saying that,"

"What, flirting?" Namjoon grinned and stood up, towering over her, "Does it make you nervous?"

Hana smacked him in the stomach, making him grunt and sink back into his seat. He was still grinning, however, and Hana once again turned away from him, her face red.

He laughed again, holding up his hands, "Alright, if it effects you that much, I'll tone it down. But you do know, that you blushing is just going to encourage me more?"

"To do what?" Namjoon and Hana both turned as they heard a voice in the doorway.

"Bee," Namjoon grinned, "You came to visit me! You missed me that much?"

"Sure," Bee said, resting a hand on her slightly rounded stomach as she headed towards them, "Don't pay any attention to him, Hana," She advised, "He's just playing with you,"

Namjoon rolled his eyes and shook his head, "Anyway, Bee, how's it going up top?"

Bee shrugged, "There's a little less tension," She said, "But Taehyung is making everyone nervous, and Hoseok..." She trailed off, "I don't know about him,"

"He came down to talk to me a little last night," Namjoon said, "He's alright,"

Bee shook her head, "No, I'm not too sure. Anyway," She smiled, "Are you guys going to come up to eat? Jin cooked because Daisy's still in quarantine, but it looks pretty good,"

"I'll take his IV out, and then we'll be up," Hana said. Bee nodded and headed out of the lab, and as soon as the needle was out, Namjoon stood up.

"Bee's wrong," He said, with a wink, "I'm not playing with you. I actually really do want you,"

Smirking when Hana began to blush again, Namjoon rapped his knuckles twice on the counter before heading to the door, "Come on, Doc," He said, "Let's go and eat!"

However, as they got to the top of the stairs, Namjoon could hear shouting, and hobbled as fast as he could into the kitchen area.

Jin was pinned to the wall, being shaken so hard that his head was banging against the wall behind him. Taehyung's hands were around his neck, and he was choking, his face fed.

Jimin and Yoongi were yelling at him, their guns raised, but he wasn't letting go. Namjoon recognised the look on his face, and felt his blood run cold.

Taehyung had snapped.


A shorter chap today, but I hope you enjoyed!

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