38: Early Morning

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"You're getting big now," Jimin mumbled into Bee's ear as he cuddled into her back. His hand was on her stomach, gently rubbing and she hummed happily at the feeling.

"I'm glad you picked up some maternity clothes on that run," Bee said, "Or I'd have to go around virtually naked the whole time," She paused, "It's a shame the bra's don't fit,"

Bee had removed the underwires from the only other bras she had, but even they were a little small, too.

"I'm going to have to go out again, aren't I?" Jimin joked, nuzzling into her neck, enjoying the scent from her hair filling his nose, "You women are never happy,"

Bee laughed, "Well actually there might be another need to go out. You know what happens when a baby is born? It gets hungry,"

"We got formula and bottles," Jimin assured her, "As many as we could possibly fit in the bus. It's filled up the back room downstairs," 

They had decided as a couple, after the first few feeds (if the baby was willing to latch on to Bee), they would switch to bottle, just in case anything happened to Bee, or they were separated for some reason.

"What are breasts for?" Bee asked, and Jimin grinned into her neck, his hand sliding up from her stomach.


Bee rolled her eyes and smacked his hand away, "They're for feeding a baby. And that means what, Park Jimin?"

"I can't touch?"

"Well, that too, but it means that I should be producing milk. I need comfortable bras and I need breast pads, which you guys forgot. I also need maternity pads, because after giving birth, I'm going to be bleeding for a while,"

"Oh," Jimin pushed himself up, "Yeah, you're right. We didn't even think of those. we'll have to make a trip. Sanitary pads not enough?"

"No," Bee said, "I'm pushing a baby out of my vagina, Jimin, there's going to be more than just period blood,"

"Right," Jimin said a little sheepishly, "Yeah, I'll need to go out again-"

"I need to come, too,"

Jimin frowned as Bee also sat up, "No way,"

"I need to," Bee argued, "Even I don't know what size I am right now, so I need to come, too,"

Jimin sighed, "Let's talk about this later," He said, lying back down and pulling Bee with him, "It's too early in the morning for this,"


"Daisy?" Daisy looked back at Jin when she heard him call her name. It was her turn to watch, and Jin had been sleeping, but she smiled when she saw that he was awake.

"Morning," She said, looking back out through the window, "It's been quiet, as usual,"

She really didn't mind doing the watch at night, even though Jimin, Yoongi and Namjoon had both argued that it was too much. She was used to not sleeping very much; even before the outbreak, she never really slept at night. Besides, she only did basic things within the house. Daisy prepared meals and washed clothes and cleaned the kitchen. That was pretty much all she did, so she felt bad for Yoongi and Namjoon especially, who had hard work during the day.

Jimin should also get his sleep while he can, because when the baby was born in a few months, he wouldn't be able to sleep as much.

"You should come and join me, then," Jin said, lifting the edge of the covers. Daisy would have to get up soon to go to the kitchen and prepare a big breakfast to help the group through the day, so she gladly moved to Jin and climbed into the makeshift bed with him.

"This is my favourite time of the day," Jin said as he wrapped his arms around her, "I like cuddling with you before we have to get up,"

"Me too," Daisy's voice was muffled in Jin's chest, and he pulled away, looking into her eyes.

"I love you," He said softly, and Daisy smiled up at him. Jin said that phrase to her every morning, and it was amazing how much just three words could make her entire day.

"I love you, too," She replied.

"We still have some time before you have to get up, right?" He asked.

Daisy glanced out the window. It was still dark, and she usually didn't get up until the sun had started to rise, "Yes,"

"Good," Jin captured her lips in a soft but insistent kiss, and Daisy moaned allowing him to roll her gently to her back.


Namjoon was once again awake early. He had both of his arms around Hana and even though he was awake, his eyes were closed and he was just enjoying the feel of her body against his. 

It had been a week since he had spoken to Taehyung and Bee, and although Taehyung hadn't asked him for the journal again, it was playing on his mind.

He just couldn't shake the fact that Hana was hiding something important in those paper pages that the group should know about.

Hana turned in his arms so that she was facing him, and cuddled into his chest in her sleep. He ran his fingers through her hair softly, slowly letting out a quiet sigh.

After a few more moments of thinking, he finally came to a decision.

Slowly untangling himself from Hana so she wouldn't wake, Namjoon got himself fully dressed and moved quietly to the bedside table near Hana's side of the bed. He picked up the journal and slipped it into his pocket, before leaving the room.

It was still early, but as soon as everyone got up to do their chores, he'd find Bee and he'd show her the book.

He just wanted to be sure.

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