25: Italian

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Jin was sat next to the bed, his eyes full of tears as Daisy slept. He was wearing the proper protective clothing, even though Hana said that her tests were suggesting that Daisy wasn't actually contagious anymore. However, her surroundings might well be, so he was kitted up as well as he could be.

She was asleep when he went in, and he didn't want to wake her, so he just sat beside her, holding her hand almost as tightly as he was squeezing his eyes shut to keep the tears in. 

When she spoke, he almost jumped out of the chair.

"Jin?" Daisy's voice was weak and hoarse, but it was like music to his ears.

"Daisy, you're awake," He almost sobbed, "How're you feeling? Are you alright?"

"A bit better," She said, "I feel like I have a really bad case of the flu- why are you in here?" She suddenly became panicked, "You shouldn't be here, you'll get sick! Taehyu-"

Jin sighed, "He's not here at the moment," He said, "He snapped. Jimin and Hoseok took him out to relieve some stress. Hana said you're not contagious anymore. You're getting better,"

Daisy looked at him with wide eyes, "But I don't want to risk it-"

"I don't care!" Jin snapped, "I love you, Daisy! I've been going out of my mind with worry. Nobody's let me come in and see you, and even now, you're still pushing me away,"

Daisy's mouth dropped open in shock, "You... Love... me?"

Jin huffed out a laugh, "As if it wasn't obvious, Daisy. Jimin even brought back some co-" Jin cut himself off suddenly, his cheeks turning red, "Nevermind. Yes, I do. I'm not asking for anything in return, I just want you to get better,"

Daisy's face immediately turned redder than a tomato. She stared at Jin, who shifted uncomfortably on his seat.

"Uh, anyway-"

"I love you, too," She blurted, cutting off Jin's sentence.

"You do?" Jin said, "I- I... I'm so happy!I could kiss you-"

"Don't!" Daisy pulled her head away from him, "I might not be contagious, but I'm still sick, please don't,"

Jin laughed awkwardly, "I guess you're right. So, when you're better, can I take you on a date?" He wriggled his eyebrows and Daisy laughed.

"I'd like that," She said, "Italian?"

"Definitely Italian," Jin replied.


"For fucks sake, Taehyung," Jimin sighed, "Just pick one already, we have to be back before dark,"

Taehyung was seated in the front of the car covered in blood, with his (now full) box on his lap. He had asked Jimin to let him have just one more, but he was taking his time choosing. Every single dead one that had walked past, Jimin had ended up just killing with his knife, as it wasn't good enough for Taehyung.

Taehyung had de-stressed enough by killing and collecting samples that he was mellow and happy, but still refused to go back without one more.

"That one," He said finally, pointing to what looked like a newly turned dead one, who was female.

"Alright," Jimin sighed, opening the door, "Get it quickly,"

Taehyung jumped out, placing the box carefully on the seat and drawing his knife from his hip. As the dead one drew closer, he rushed towards it and slammed the knife into the side of her head, supporting her body as she fell.

He looked up at the Sergeant, who was waiting by the car, "Collect the samples and let's go,"

Taehyung dragged the dead one to the car, "I want all of it," He said, reaching for the door so he could shove the body into the back seat.

"No," Jimin said, "Definitely not,"

Taehyung ignored him and began trying to load the dead one into the car. Jimin yanked him back by his collar, "I said no, Taehyung!"

"I need this one!" Taehyung snapped at him loudly, "I need to practice a cesarean, so I need a fresh female. This is the only one I've seen so far, so this is the one I'll use first,"

Jimin sighed and rubbed his face with his hand, "Fine. Put it in the back, I'm not sitting next to it,"

Taehyung did as he was told, and climbed back into the front seat, settling the box on his lap. Hoseok looked over at him and shuddered, before clearing his throat and looking back at Jimin.

"Are we done? Can we drive back?"

Jimin nodded and leaned back into the seat, "Yeah, get us home,"


AN: Sorry, this chapter sucks big time. I'm just... My mood isn't great so it's the best I could do for now, sorry Bumblys

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