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Bee sighed as she checked her phone for the hundredth time that morning. She knew she was being impatient, but it was hard not to be, as she hadn't seen Jimin for over a month. 

They'd been together for five years already, and married one year, and she missed him when he was sent away for work. She knew she was marrying a soldier, however, so she was well aware of what that meant for their marriage.

But she still missed him.

"What's wrong, Dr Park?" Bee turned when she heard a soft voice, and smiled when she saw her intern. Belle was a sweet girl, always trying her hardest at everything she did.

"Just missing my husband," She said, once again checking her phone, "He comes off duty today, so I'm waiting for his call to tell me he's on his way home,"

"I bet you can't wait," Belle smiled, "But what if he doesn't call? What if he plans on coming straight here and surprising you?"

Bee looked around the lab and laughed, "Jimin hates these kinds of environments," She said, "He know's that I'm researching medicines to help people, but he says it makes him feel stupid,"

"Well, you are pretty intelligent,"

"What are you after, huh?" Bee teased, "Trying to get into my good books?"

Belle laughed, "No, I just- I mean-"

Bee laughed as the young girl became flustered, her cheeks turning pink.

"I'm teasing, Belle. Let's finish up this project and then maybe we can get home early today,"

"That's a good ide-" Belle's sentence was cut off by the sound of the lab door being thrown open. Jimin charged in, in his full soldier gear with a gun in his hand.

"Jimin?!" Bee exclaimed, both confused and happy to see him, "What's going on?"

"We have to go," He said, reaching out and grabbing her wrist, "There's a car waiting. The General's allowing me to bring you because you're a scientist, but he won't wait for long. We have to go," 

Bee frowned, pulling back, "What are you talking about? The general? Jimin, I-"

"Now, Bee!" Jimin shouted, making his wife's eyes widen in shock. He had never yelled at her before, and she had never seen him look so serious. She nodded, grabbing her bag and pulling Belle's arm.

"Come on, Belle-"

"She can't come," Jimin said, "I'm sorry, there's no room for-"

"She's a scientist too!" Bee snapped, "You're scared for some reason, so I'm not leaving her behind when something dangerous is happening!"

"For fuck's sake," Jimin growled, "Fine, but we have to go, now!

Jimin led them through the lab doors, his gun raised and Bee quickly followed, pulling her intern by the hand. It was quiet in the hallways, as it should have been, but as they got to the main lobby, it was absolute chaos.

People were running everywhere screaming, and Bee was pretty sure she saw blood on the floor and over some of the people. Suddenly, the screaming became more panicked and Bee began to hear other sounds; some kind of moaning?

"Shit, we need to move!" Jimin cried, weaving his way through the crowds, "Stick with me, Bee!"

Bee reached out, gripping the back of his camo shirt and letting herself be dragged along behind him. They managed to get out through the front door altogether, and Jimin took a right.

"Car's there," He said, "Let's move, quickly!"

There was more panic on the streets. Screams of terror and pain filled the air, and people were running aimlessly around, tears and blood staining their faces. 

Before Bee could ask what was happening, she felt Belle's hand slip from hers. She spun as she heard her scream, and let out a cry when she saw what was happening.

A man had grabbed Belle in a bear hug from behind and had his face buried in her shoulder.


"It's too late," Jimin grabbed his wife's arm as she ran for the girl, and yanked her forward with him, "She's gone, it's too late,"

"Dr Park!" Belle's screams were becoming weaker, and Bee struggled to break free from Jimin's grip to get to her.

"Belle! I'm coming, hold on!"

"She's gone!" Jimin yelled, "Baby, she's gone, we have to go,"

Bee saw Belle slump in the man's arms, and he went down to the floor with her. The man lifted his head, blood dripping from his lips, and Bee choked out a sob. Jimin spun her around and picked her up, before sprinting towards the parked army vehicle, that was slowly becoming surrounded by panicked people.

A man leapt out from an alleyway as they passed, groaning and growling as it reached for them. Without even hesitating, Jimin lifted his gun and fired, hitting him right between the eyes.

Bee screamed, clinging to Jimin as he raced past the collapsing body.

"Move!" He yelled at the people clawing at the vehicle, and as they parted for him, the door opened and he shoved her inside, quickly climbing in behind her and slamming the door.

"Namjoon, drive!"

"Yes, Sarge!"

The car tires squealed as they tried to get some grip on the floor before shooting away from where it was parked, and Bee tried to calm her breathing and process what had just happened.

"Baby," Jimin pulled her to him, holding her tight as she hyperventilated, "I'm so sorry about your assistant. But you're safe, and that's what matters,"

"What the fuck is going on?!" Bee cried, pulling out of her husband's arms, "Jimin, explain to me right now what is happening!"

"There's been a containment breach at the CDC," He said, "A disease got out. That's all I can tell you for now, I don't know the details, but they'll tell you back at base,"

He ran his fingers through his hair, "These two are in my squad, and they'll protect you, okay? The one driving is Namjoon. The one in the passenger seat is Taehyung," He paused, "Don't ever go anywhere alone with him, do you understand?"

Bee looked at Jimin with wide eyes, "I don't understand anything," She said softly, "I just watched a man bite my friend and I saw my husband shoot a man in the head and now I'm in a car driving somewhere,"

"It wasn't a man," The soldier in the passenger seat spoke up, turning to face them, "And he was already dead. Don't cry," He smiled, "You'll make your pretty eyes all red,"

"Eyes up front!" Jimin snapped angrily, and the soldier smiled a little, before turning back to the front. Jimin sighed and once again pulled Bee to him. This time, she didn't resist.

"The world needs you now, baby," He said softly, "As cliche as that sounds. We need you to help us fix this goddamn mess,"


AN: A little insight to Beemin for you ;)

Also, as you can tell, this is the first time Bee met Tae and Namjoon. I hope you enjoyed, it's just a little side chapter! 

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