40: Pancakes

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Bee waddled after Namjoon as he headed down the stairs towards the kitchen. Everyone was already gathering in the kitchen for breakfast, apart from Daisy, who had gone to fetch Jin from the tower.

"I don't think doing it here in front of everyone is a good idea, Namjoon," Bee said quietly as she followed him in, "There's just too many people it won't end well,"

Namjoon nodded, agreeing and lifted his arm to slide the journal back into his pocket. Hana, however, looked up just as he did so.

"Joon?" She frowned, "Why have you got my journal? Did you read it?! Did you show anybody?!"

She moved to him, snatching the book and stepped back again, "Why would you invade my privacy like that?"

Everyone in the room went silent, looking over as Hana angrily, stuffed the journal back into her pocket.

"I asked him for it," Taehyung spoke up suddenly, "Because I don't like you and I don't trust you. Why are you so secretive about it?!"

Bee sighed. She had wanted to avoid a public accusation, but Taehyung had just made that impossible.

Hana looked angrily back at Namjoon, "You showed him?!"

"No," Bee spoke up, "He showed me. I saw what was written inside, Hana, and I don't want to accuse you of anything without knowing the details, so please give me an explanation,"

"What's going on?" Jimin asked, getting up from his seat, "Bee?"

"The notes inside suggested that she deliberately didn't cure Yoongi," Bee  said quietly, "Because she wanted a fresh dead one to work with,"

All eyes turned to Hana as she backed up into a corner, "I... I..."

Taehyung growled, dragging his knife from his belt, but Hana reacted quickly before anybody even realised she was moving. She reached out to Yoongi, who was closest to her, and yanked out the gun he had on his hip, lifting it and pointing it at Bee.

"If anyone comes close, I'll kill her!" She screamed loudly, backing up until she was completely in the corner, "It won't bother me, I've always hated her!"

The room erupted into loud shouts of anger and chaos as Jimin and Namjoon both drew their guns and Yoongi and Jungkook jumped on Taehyung, pulling him back so he couldn't attack her.

"Put the fucking gun down!" Jimin yelled as he stepped in front of his wife, "Put it down, Hana!"

"None of you understand!" She shouted back, "None of you can see how she murdered Hoseok and how she interfered with my experiment! If I had a freshly turned dead one I could have reversed the effects and created a cure to save the world! You're all so selfish! The General could at least see the bigger picture!"

Namjoon had his gun in his hand, but it was pointed at the floor, "Hana, please don't do this. Put the gun down, we can all talk about this. Please, Hana," He begged her, his eyes wide, "Please, put it down!"

"I trusted you," Hana's voice cracked as she addressed Namjoon, "I trusted you, I gave you my everything, but you still didn't trust me,"

"For a good reason!" Taehyung growled at her, "Sneaking about trying to murder your own group!"

"You can talk!" Hana screamed at him, "You're a psychopath! You tried to kill Jin, and you keep dead bodies in your shed, but everyone's okay with that!"

"We aren't okay with it," Bee said calmly, stepping out from behind Jimin, "But it's a little different. Hana, please take a deep breath and calm down. We're all family here, we can talk about this calmly like adults,"

"Shut up!" Hana yelled, "Who do you think you are?! You're just a scientist like me, you're not in charge here! You should understand me better than all the others but you're too caught up in yourself to even care about the world!"

Jungkook and Yoongi had to tighten their grip on Taehyung as he started struggling harder to get to her, but Bee remained calm.

"Dr Yoo," She said, "Please slower the gun. We should be using our voices, not violence,"

Hana's arms began to shake a little as she held the gun up, pointed at Bee.

"Namjoon," She said quietly, "I thought you loved me,"

"I do," He said, his gun still pointed at the floor, "So please put the gun down. We can talk about this, okay? Nobody will make any sudden moves, you're safe. I promise you, you're safe,"

There was silence in the room and Hana slowly began to lower her arms. 

Just as everyone let out a sigh of relief, there was a voice in the doorway.

"We're back!" Daisy said cheerfully, "I'l make breakfast now! Everyone has been working so hard, so I'm going to make panca-"

Daisy was cut off by the loud sound of a gunshot. As she crumpled to the ground, Bee turned back to Hana, who had a look of horror on her face.

"She made me jump," She said quietly, lifting the gun and pointing it towards Bee, "But I guess I can kill you finally, Park Bee,"

Jimin jumped in front of Bee with a yell as Hana fired her gun again, and another shot rang out loudly as he crashed into her, knocking her backwards.

Hana hit the wall, her eyes wide as her head was thrown backwards and blood sprayed the white paint behind her.

Namjoon was facing her, his gun raised and tears streaming down his cheeks as she slowly slid down the wall to the floor.

"I'm sorry," He whispered, dropping the gun and staggering towards her, "I'm sorry, baby, I'm sorry,"

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