6: Serious Distraction

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"You are not to go in that room," Jimin said, once Bee had explained to him what they had found with Jongup, "At all,"

"I'm the only one with experience, Jimin," Bee replied, "I need to-"

"You need to think about yourself and our baby," He cut her off, "That's a lot more important than one sick stranger. Taehyung can put him under with that morphine we have and then overdose him, and we can get rid of him,"

"You mean murder him?!"

"I mean euthanise him," Jimin said, "I have to think about your safety, and the safety of our group. We don't know him, and the people who brought him here barely know him. You said he's going to die either way, what's the problem?"

Bee glared at her husband. He was right, of course; Jongup was going to die. Euthanising him would be a kinder way to let him go, but it still didn't sit right with Bee.

"Baby," Jimin sighed, "We have no choice,"

Bee looked away, "I know. But I still don't like it," She took a breath, "We need to call a meeting. Everyone needs to start a course of antibiotics,"

"We don't have any," Jimin said, "You need us to do another trip, don't you?"

Bee nodded, "Let's just call a meeting, Jimin. Daisy's in quarantine, so I will have to cook,"

Jimin ran his fingers through his hair and nodded, "Alright. I'll ask Namjoon to help you. I'll finish this up and then I'll call everyone in," He pecked her lips and smacked her backside when she turned to walk away from him, laughing when she rolled her eyes.

"Even in this serious situation, Jimin?"

"Your ass is a serious distraction, babe," He said, grinning at her.

She couldn't help but laugh as she turned away again, dodging another slap as it came towards her backside. She could hear Jimin laughing as she headed back into the house and smiled to herself. Even though they were in a bad situation, she was glad that she had her husband to support them all.


"Hyung," Jungkook was sat on the edge of one of the grow beds, Little on his lap as he swung his feet in the air.

"Hm? Kook, if you're just here to watch, maybe you should go find something to do? I thought you came in here to help me,"

Jungkook jumped down and placed the hen on the edge of the grow bed, "Sorry,"

"What is it you wanted to say?"

Jungkook looked around carefully, making sure that there was nobody else around before he spoke, "I don't like the new people," He said, "They're rude and demanding. One of them said some horrible things to Daisy,"

Yoongi nodded, "I feel the same, Jungkook, but Jimin's in charge. Maybe once they've settled, it'll be better,"

"But you know Daehyun from before," Jungkook muttered, "Was he like this?"

Yoongi grinned, "Are you jealous, Jungkook?" He said, "Afraid that I'll forget about you?"

Jungkook picked up the chicken, "No. I'm not. I'm going to see Daisy. I'm hungry," He stomped out of the greenhouse as Jimin came in, pushing past the Sergeant angrily.

"What was that about?" Jimin asked, confused.

Yoongi chuckled, "He doesn't like the new group,"

Jimin snorted, "He's not the only one. Come on, we need to hold a meeting,"


"It's important," Jimin said, "Can you find Himchan and Em An on your way, please, I can't find them,"

Yoongi nodded and Jimin left the greenhouse. He dusted his hands off and headed outside. Thinking that they might be looking for some time alone, Yoongi headed around the back of the house, aiming to go in and look upstairs in the bedrooms. 

However, as he rounded the corner, he saw something by Taehyung's shed. He frowned, narrowing his eyes and reaching for his gun at his hip.

"Shit, what the-?!" Em An was at the door to the medics shed, rattling it and trying to get inside.

Yoongi immediately sprinted away from the house, rushing towards her just as she got the door open.

"What the hell are you doing?!" He shouted, "Come away from there!"

Em An turned to face him, her eyes wide and angry, "What the fuck is this?!" She yelled, gesturing to the open shed behind her, "What the fuck is wrong with you people?!"

"You were told to stay out of there," Yoongi growled, drawing his gun, "Close the door and get into the house,"

"I won't," She snapped, "Until you tell me what is going on!"

Yoongi began to lift his gun, but froze when he felt something cold and hard press just behind his ear, "I wouldn't, if I were you," 

Yoongi slowly lowered his gun and turned. Himchan moved with him, keeping the gun to his head, "Into the house," He ordered, "We all need to have a talk. Close the door, Em, that's disgusting,"

When the door closed, Himchan pushed the gun harder into Yoongi's head, "Move," He snapped, "Now,"

Yoongi slowly lifted his hands up, letting go of his gun and letting it swing on his finger by the trigger guard as he walked towards the house. He grit his teeth, annoyed that he had let his guard down when he knew that Himchan was missing as well as Em An, but now wasn't the time to dwell on mistakes.

He had to make sure that nothing happened to Jungkook.

Himchan followed him into the house, gun still on him as he pushed open the door to the kitchen.

"Jimin," He said quietly, "We have an issue,"

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