23: Stress

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"Kim Taehyung, this is your last warning, I'll fucking shoot you if you don't let him go!" Jimin yelled, moving closer as his grip on Jin didn't loosen.

Suddenly, a small blonde woman came barrelling through the group surrounding him and Jin.

"Seriously, I go to use the bathroom for two minutes," Taehyung was thrown to the side as a small fist hit him directly in the face. A moment later, he was doubled over as Bee's knee got him directly in the groin.

Jin slid down the wall, gasping for breath. Hoseok and Jungkook quickly take an arm each and pull him away from Taehyung, who had gone down to his knees with Yoongi and Jimin stood over him, pointing their guns.

Bee turned to Jimin, "Why didn't you stop him before it got that far?"

"I tried to-"

"No, you were pointing your gun at him. If you weren't going to shoot him, do something else, you stupid asshole, you know what he's like. You should recognise the signs by now, and act, not stand by holding a gun out while he strangles the life out of somebody!"

Jimin lowered his gun as Taehyung slowly straightened up. He was still sat on his knees, but he looked up at Bee, with wide eyes.

"You hit me," He said.

"You were strangling Jin," She snapped, "Why?"

A happy smile spread across his face and Jimin groaned rubbing his face with his hand, "Great, just great," He muttered.

"What is it?" Yoongi asked, lowering his gun.

"That's the same look he gave her after she stabbed him,"


"Answer my goddamn question," Bee said to Taehyung, "Why were you hurting Jin?"

Taehyung shrugged, "It felt good,"

The silence in the room was deafening until Bee broke it with a sigh.

"From now on, Taehyung, you don't touch anybody at all without mine or Jimin's permission, do you understand? You are to do your job and go to your shed, and that's it,"

"The samples went bad," Taehyung said, "The formaldehyde wasn't good enough,"

"Fine. I'll replace them. Go to your shed and stay there until I come to collect you later. Hana and I will watch Daisy,"

"You can't go in there," Taehyung said, "You'll get sick. Let Hana do it,"

"Go to your shed!" Bee yelled at him. Taehyung quickly got to his feet and exited the room. It was silent until they heard the front door close, and Bee let out a sigh, before fixing her husband with a glare.

"You're stupid," She said again, moving to Jin, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine," He croaked, "Just need to sit for a bit,"

Bee turned back to Jimin, "What happened?"

Jimin ran his fingers through his hair, "It happened fast, so I'm not sure what set him off. We were talking about Daisy, and then Taehyung got up as Jin walked past. Jin asked him if he was alright and then he was just on him,"

Bee turned to the rest of the room, "New rules. From now on, nobody is to be alone with Taehyung. In pairs only, and if something happens, get him off as fast as possible and find either Jimin, Namjoon or I. Understand?"

Jimin grinned, "Yes, Ma'am,"

Bee rolled her eyes, "This is serious,"

He moved to her and pressed a kiss to her cheek, "I know. Go run your hand under the cold tap, your knuckles are going to swell. That was a mean punch,"

Once everyone had eaten some breakfast, Yoongi went to the tower to keep watch and Jimin sent Jin to his room to rest. He was stressed and missing Daisy, and he had just been strangled, so it was well deserved.

"Jimin, we need to take Taehyung out to get some more samples," Bee sighed as they began to clean up the kitchen, "I wasn't keeping a good enough eye on him, and it turned out like this,"

"You're not going outside the wall," Jimin said firmly, "I'll take him once Taehyung does his blood tests,"


"Nobody else can go with him, Bee," Jimin said, "We won't have far to go to find a dead one he can have, so it'll be alright,"

"I'll go," Hoseok said suddenly, "I'll go, too. I didn't really help last time, so I will come too. I'll stay out of his way, I promise,"

Jimin sighed, "Alright. You can sit in the back and wait with the car so it doesn't get stolen,"

Hoseok nodded, "When are we going?"

Jimin got to his feet, "I'll get Taehyung. We'll get tested, and then we'll leave," He turned to Bee, "I promise we'll be back before it's dark,"

Bee nodded, "You'd better be," She said, heading to the door, "Let's go get him, then. He needs to let out his stress as soon as possible,"

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