20: Loss

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"Report," Jimin said wearily as Hoseok and Yoongi came into the kitchen.

"The kid died," Taehyung said, sipping calmly on coffee, "The one from that group. He's dead,"

Jimin sighed and rubbed his face with his hand. His other arm was wrapped tightly around Bee's waist as she perched on his knee, "Where is he?"

"We took him out and buried him deep," Yoongi answered, taking a seat.

"He wouldn't let me burn it," Taehyung said, shooting Yoongi a look.

"It would have caused unnecessary attention," The soldier replied, "Burying him was the better option,"

Jimin nodded, "Anything else?"

"Bee almost had a breakdown," Hoseok said suddenly, "I know you're thinking for the good of all of us, Jimin, but maybe you shouldn't go on every single mission outside the walls. You don't trust us enough to get the job done? Think about yourself and your wife for a bit. We're all willing to help, so let us,"

Jimin immediately turned to Bee, "What happened?"

"You were stupidly late," Bee said, her eyes narrow, "And Tae had a meltdown, as well, didn't you Taehyung?"

The medic just shrugged and downed his coffee, before standing up, "I'm going to check on Daisy. I already gave her some medication while you were seeing to Namjoon,"

"I'll come-" 

Taehyung cut Jin off swiftly, "No, you won't," He turned to Jimin, "Tomorrow morning, I will be checking everyone's blood work to make sure that nobody is sick,"

Jimin nodded and Taehyung left the kitchen in favour of going to the med bay, where Daisy was hooked up to an IV drip to keep her hydrated.

The table fell to an awkward silence for a few minutes, until Jimin finally spoke, "With any luck, we won't need to go outside the walls for a while," He looked over at Hoseok, "I'll take into consideration what you said. Thank you for telling me about Bee. She wouldn't have told me,"

"Because she doesn't want you to worry," Jungkook spoke up for the first time since entering the kitchen, "And that's a problem,"

All eyes turned to him, and Yoongi gestured for him to continue.

"We are all too worried about worrying other people, or we are stuck in our past trauma's that it's upsetting the balance here. We need to be more honest," He took a deep breath, "I know I'm useless, but I like to observe people. I've noticed that everyone's become tense lately, and it's not good. We need to talk about our issues, or we'll just keep having people exploding,"

He looked down at Little, who was asleep on his lap, and gently ran his fingers over her white feathers, "I was kept locked up in a lab, tied up with dead ones biting me and men taking blood. I barely slept and I barely ate, but I don't let that bring me down. Everybody has lost somebody, everyone has seen bad things, or had bad things happen to them, but we need to let it go,"

He looked at Yoongi, "Should I tell them who I lost?"

Yoongi smiled, "Yeah, Kook. Maybe everyone should mention somebody they lost. I think it'll help,"

There was silence around the table before a small murmur of agreement came from Jin and Hoseok.

"I lost Tam," Jungkook said, "I didn't see her killed, but she was someone who was so good to me, in such a bad situation. She'd bring me food when nobody else would, and she tried to stop what was happening to me. She made Hyung and I laugh when nothing else could. She was someone I looked up to, and I want to make her proud. I miss her, but I want to keep trying to live the life she wanted me to live,"

Yoongi reached over and ruffled his hair, "Good for you, Kook. I'm proud of you," Jungkook beamed at him through the unfallen tears in his eyes. He turned to Jin, who nodded and took a deep breath.

"I lost my baby step-sister, Asma," He said softly, looking down at the table, "It was just us left. She was only seven years old. I had to leave her for just twenty minutes while I gathered something for us to eat, and she..." He trailed off, "She was already gone. I buried her in a field of flowers. She would have liked that. It was beautiful,"

He scrubbed at his face and turned to Bee.

"I lost my assistant," She said, quickly following on Jin's story, "Belle. She was so young and had so much potential. She had a beautiful smile and she loved to tease. She was ripped from my arms by a dead one when the break out happened. Maybe if I hadn't have insisted on bringing her with me, she would still be alive,"

"It wasn't your fault," Jimin said quickly, "You tried to save her,"

Bee just sighed, "Your turn," 

Jimin rubbed his face, "I lost an entire regiment," He said, "Before I was a Ghost. The General sent us on a suicide mission and I didn't tell them to fall back. The only people left were Namjoon and I, and a few of the Ghosts that I..." He cleared his throat, "Murdered, back at the camp when we left. I saw fifty men overrun by dead ones, and I told them to stand their ground,"

"You were following orders," Yoongi said.

"And I kept following them for too long," Jimin muttered, "Go on, Yoongi,"

Yoongi ran his fingers through his hair, "This is stupid," He muttered, "I lost my entire family. My Mum, my Dad, my little Sister and little Brother," He glanced at Jungkook, "I was on duty and when the outbreak happened I rushed home to get them but it was too late. My father had killed all of them. And I had to shoot him in the head as he tried to kill me, as well,"


"Your turn," Yoongi said to Hoseok, cutting off Jin, "I've said my piece,"

Hoseok sat quietly for a moment, before lowering his gaze to the table. His voice was so soft, that they barely heard what he said.

"I lost my wife and my baby girl,"


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