Jeon Jungkook

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"Explain," The General said sharply to Tamara as she spoke to him on the phone, "What does that mean?"

"I'm not one hundred percent sure," She admitted, but both his white and red blood cell counts are extremely high, but he is showing no sign of infection,"

"That doesn't tell me anything. Try again,"

Tamara sighed. She hated the General, but at least she wasn't speaking to him face to face.

"He has a bite," She said patiently, "But he has no sign on infection at all. Not even traces. His body has fought it off. I'll need to study him some more, but I think he may be immune,"

There was silence on the other end of the phone for a moment, before the General spoke again, "Put the Lieutenant General back on the phone,"

Silently, Tamara passed the phone back to the man in charge of their camp. He spoke a little to the General, before hanging up and turning to look at her.

"Research begins tomorrow," He said, "I will gather a team and you are to do everything to get concrete evidence that he is immune to the infection. Then you will create a cure. Lieutenant Min of the second division will be assigned as his personal guard. Go and tell him his orders and start preparing the lab for the young man to reside in,"

Tamara sighed, wishing she had kept her findings to herself. Of course, it was important to find a cure, but she knew what scientists the Lieutenant General would be gathering to conduct the research, and it wasn't good news. They were sadistic, evil men who had profited from the situation the world was in now.

With a sigh, Tamara searched through the grounds for the Lieutenant that she was told to find. After asking a few people, she found him running the drills near the walls, and headed directly to him.

"Lieutenant Min?" She asked as she got closer. He turned, looking at her with sharp, alert eyes.


"I'm Dr Song," She said, "From the science division,"

He reached out and shook her offered hand, "Lieutenant Min Yoongi, Second Division," He responded, "How can I help?"

"Lieutenant General Bang Yongguk has new orders for you,"

"And what might those be?"

"You are to be the personal guard of Jeon Jungkook," She said, "To make sure he..." She trailed off and cleared her throat, "To make sure he does not try to leave or kidnapped. He must be safe and unharmed during his time here, as he will be participating in extremely important research,"

Yoongi frowned, "You mean you want me to protect this person from everyone but you scientists?"

Tamara bit her lip and nodded, "Please follow me," She said, leading him towards the science division.

"Give me some back story," Yoongi said, following behind her and holstering his gun, "What's this about?"

"A young man was found by a scout team," Tamara explained, "As usual he was tested as he came in through the gates, but his bloodwork is strange. He has a bite and confirmed that it was from a dead one, but he has absolutely no trace on infection,"

"He's immune?" Yoongi asked, "Is that what you're saying?"

Tamara nodded, "I believe so. We need him to create a cure,"

"I see,"

Yoongi followed her silently along the corridors, and she had to admit that he made her nervous. There was something about him that suggested that he knew how to look after himself, and the fact that the Lieutenant General had personally named him, showed her that he was very capable of protecting the young man.

Tamara pushed the door to a small room open and went inside, where she had left the young man while she was on the phone. He looked up as she moved towards him, looking a little nervous.

"Is everything okay?" He asked, "I'm not in trouble?"

"Of course not, Jungkook," She smiled, "We need to do further tests on you, but you are not in trouble at all," She turned to Yoongi, "This is Lieutenant Min Yoongi," She introduced him, "He's going to be your personal guard. He'll protect you, Jungkook, and he'll keep you company,"

"Call me Yoongi," He said, offering his hand, "Nice to meet you, Jungkook,"

Jungkook stood up and shook the soldiers hand, "Nice to meet you," He smiled, "I've been by myself for a while, so it's nice to have a friend,"

Yoongi returned the smile, "Sure," He said, "I hope we get on. And don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you. You can trust me,"

Tamara smiled weakly. She was glad it was a good meeting, but she knew that Jungkook was in for a hell of a time starting tomorrow.

"I'll take you to your temporary room," She said, "Get some rest. Tomorrow, research begins and you'll be moved into your own room in the lab for a while; of course, the Lieutenant will be with you,"

"Apparently I'll be with you always from now on, Kid," Yoongi said, "So you'd better get used to my company,"

Jungkook smiled, "I hope I can help with your research, then! Please look after me!"


AN: Not gunna lie.... couldn't be bothered to write a proper chapter after the trainwreck of a chapter last night soooooo here's a little insight into how Yoongz and Kookie met.


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