18: Drunk

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"Bring him to the lab, quickly,"

Jimin was helped by Yoongi in carrying Namjoon into the house and down the stairs to the lab.

"Hey, I can walk," Namjoon slurred as he lost control of his legs and the pair just began to drag him to the seat that Hana pulled out, "I'm not that drunk,"

"Why the hell is he drunk?!" Yoongi asked as he finally dumped the taller soldier into the seat.

"I'm guessing to slow his blood rate," Hana mumbled, "I'm guessing from all the blood, the bite's on the ankle?"

"Yeah," Jimin said, a little out of breath, "He's had two doses of formula, but..." He trailed off, clearing his throat as he began to get emotional, "I don't think it was enough,"

"It wasn't," Hana said, crouching down to look at his ankle, "I need his boots and pants off,"

"Hey, hey, hey now, Doc," Namjoon grinned, "Aren't we supposed to go on a date first?"

Hana ignored him, getting back up and reaching for his belt.

"Woah, okay, miss eager," He said, "I'll do it, calm down,"

Namjoon fumbled with his belt, and then looked up with wide, sad eyes, "I can't do it," He muttered, "My fingers aren't working,"

"This is bad news," Hana said, rushing to the cupboards to get supplies, "Someone get them off,"

"Hold still, buddy," Jimin said, unbuckling Namjoon's belt, "I'll get them off, then we'll get you lying down,"

Namjoon's eyes filled with tears, "Thanks, Sarge,"

Jimin didn't answer. Namjoon wasn't one to cry, and he knew it was because of the bottle of whiskey he had drunk, but it was still painful to see; although he obviously knew Namjoon was in a hell of a lot more pain.

Yoongi pulled his boots off, and once Jimin peeled the blood saturated pants down his legs, they both helped him to the bed where Yoongi had previously laid.

Bee followed them in, standing quietly by Namjoon's head stroking his hair in an effort to comfort him.

"Fuck, it hurts," He breathed out, "Where's my fuckin' gun?"

"Out of reach," Jimin snapped, "You're not having it,"

"Sarge, I think it's probably too late," Namjoon muttered, his voice growing weaker, "Just give me my gun and let me-"

"I fucking said no!" Jimin yelled, "You're not having your gun, soldier, so shut the fuck up!"

Namjoon chuckled a little, closing his eyes, "Yes, Sir,"

"Everyone out," Hana ordered, coming back to Namjoon's side with a long syringe, already filled with liquid, "Now,"

Jimin slid his arm around his wife's waist and gently pulled her from the bed, unable to tear his eyes from Namjoon.

"Jimin," Bee said softly, "Come on, you need to rest," He reluctantly allowed her to lead him out of the lab, and Yoongi followed behind.

As soon as they were upstairs, they heard the agonising scream of pain as the cure for the infection was injected directly into his wound. Jimin squeezed his eyes shut and Bee wrapped her arms around him.

When he pulled away, she took him to the kitchen and sat him down, going about making a cup of hot coffee for him.

"What happened, Jimin?" She asked, placing the steaming mug in front of him. He reached out, pulling her so she was seated on his lap with his head resting on her shoulder.

"I don't know," He sighed, "He went to get some backpacks while I waited with the medication, and when he came back he was limping. He said he caught himself on an old pipe, but later on when I went to rebandage it, I saw that he had lied to me," He tightened his grip on her, "He kept it hidden because he didn't want to waste my formula or hold me back,"

Bee wrapped her arms around his neck and gently ran her fingers through his hair, as she had done to Namjoon just before they left the lab.

"It's not your fault," She said quietly.

"It is!" Jimin cried, "I wasn't paying close enough attention to him! If I'd have known, I could have given him the formula earlier,"

"It doesn't matter," Bee said, "He'd be in exactly the same position even if you'd have given him formula earlier, because of the time it took you to get back. It makes no difference. What does make a difference, is the fact that you got him drunk. You did the right thing; the alcohol would have lowered his heart rate, which slowed down the rate of infection,"

Jimin rubbed at his face, "Fuck. Baby, I can't lose him. He's... He's-"

"I know," She said as he struggled to find words, "You're closest friend. We'll save him," Her voice was confident, "Hana has gone through so many different calculations and made the cure better. He'll make it,"

Jimin once again buried his face in her neck, "I hope so,"

Yoongi sighed from the doorway. He did want to go inside and get some more water, but he felt as if he would be interrupting something important, so instead, he turned and left. However, just as he reached the top of the stairs, Hoseok stepped out of his room, his arms folded.

"We need to talk," He said firmly.

Yoongi rolled his eyes and rubbed his face with his hand, "Yeah. I suppose we do,"

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