42: Hurting

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Bee looked up from her hands when she realised something. Taehyung was stood near where Jungkook and Jin were still holding Daisy. Getting to her feet, she rushed to them as fast as she could and dragged Jungkook back to get a better look at Daisy's face.

"No blood," She muttered, reaching for her wrist, "Taehyung there's no blood in her mouth,"

Taehyung frowned and stepped towards them, "But-"

"The blood must have splashed up it's not from her mouth- she has a pulse!"

Jin lifted his head, his eyes wide, "She's... She's alive?!" Fresh tears welled up in his eyes and he looked back down at Daisy.

Taehyung joined Bee on the floor, a frown on his face as he pulled his knife and slit down the front of her shirt to get a better look at the wound. His eyes widened and he pulled back, looking at Bee in shock, "I made a mistake," His voice was quiet, "I-"

"It was chaos in here," Bee cut him off, "There were people falling and yelling and screaming, it's not your fault, you just gave up too early," She looked up at Jin, "Help me get her to the med bay, quickly,"


When Jimin came back to the kitchen, Jungkook was on his hands and knees, cleaning up the blood by the door. The wet patches on the wall in the corner indicated that he had already cleaned the blood on the wall from Hana.

"Where's Bee?" Jimin asked, worried, "She fell hard I need to make sure she's-"

"She's in surgery," Jungkook said, looking up and frowning, "Sit down, I'll clean your wound up,"

"What do you mean surgery?!" Jimin cried, dashing for the door. Jungkook reached out, grabbing his shirt.

"Daisy's alive," He said, tears in his eyes, "Bee said that there was no blood coming from her mouth. She thinks the bullet didn't puncture a lung. She's still alive,"

"She's-? Fuck," Jimin said, letting out a loud breath, "Fuck, that's the best news I've heard in so long,"

Jungkook got to his feet and pushed Jimin to the closest chair. Jimin pulled his shirt off as the younger man wet a piece of cloth.

"It's not too deep," Jungkook said as he cleaned the gash in his arm, "Lot's of blood, though,"

Jimin sighed, "Jungkook, were you left to clean up by yourself?"

Jungkook looked away, shrugging, "Yoongi Hyung thought it be best that he went to the tower. He didn't want us to be caught unaware while we were in this mess,"

"He's a good man," Jimin said, "Smart. But Jungkook, you're probably the best of all of us,"

Jungkook looked at him and shook his head, "No. I'm useless. I can't fight or cook or anything,"

"Those are skills that can be learnt," Jimin said, "But you have other qualities that are just as important in a world like this,"

Jungkook finished cleaning Jimin's wound and sat next to him at the table, "Like what? During that situation I was useless,"

"You are cleaning up afterwards without asking for help or complaint," Jimin said, "You comforted Jin when he needed it the most, and you got all the medical supplies for Taehyung without argument. You might not fight, Jungkook, but you help in any and every way you can, and that is priceless. You keep us going, not me,"

Jungkook was quiet for a moment, "Do you really think that?"

"No," Jimin said, "I know that. It's a fact. I know you've been told the same thing by Bee, so why do you keep putting yourself down?"

Jungkook shrugged, "I just feel so useless compared to everyone else,"

"Well, the rest of the men here were trained by the army," Jimin pointed out, "We were just taught differently. People like you, and people like Daisy, are what the world needs,"

Jimin stood up, "What did they say about Daisy? Is she going to be okay?"

"It depends on how the surgery goes," Jungkook said, "But I hope so,"

Jimin clapped him on the shoulder before pulling his shirt on, "I trust Taehyung and Bee. I know they'll do their best,"


Bee pulled back and pulled the mask from her mouth. The bullet had made a clean path through Daisy and out the other side. She was still weak because of her lungs, but at least she had a chance. 

Taehyung was silent and Bee knew he was angry at himself. For any other person, she would have hugged them, but she knew that he would hate that. Instead she just stood next to him as he washed his hands.

"We almost lost her," Bee said quietly, "Her breathing and pulse was so faint, I wasn't sure she was still alive,"

"You saved her," Taehyung shrugged, "It's why you're a Doctor and I'm just a medic,"

"You're not just a medic," Bee sighed, "You're much more than that. And without you, she wouldn't have even had a chance. You did all the operating,"

"So much more?" Taehyung laughed bitterly, "What else am I, Bee, apart from a psychopath who keeps dead bodies in a shed?"

"There is always more to a person than appearances," Bee replied, "Stop with the pity party. Everybody makes mistakes, Taehyung,"

Taehyung moved away from her, "You don't make mistakes,"

"Yes I do," Bee said, "I've been bitten from not paying proper attention, I've gotten pregnant from not being careful enough, and I made the big mistake of confronting Hana in front of everyone when I said that would be a bad idea. I got Daisy shot and I made a situation where Namjoon had to shoot the woman he loved. Don't start with the whole perfect thing, Taehyung, because you know it's not true. I just have to try and stay strong and move on,"

Taehyung was quiet for a moment, "You didn't cause that situation," He said as he walked away, "Hana did. I just wish I would have killed her before Namjoon,"

Bee frowned, opening her mouth to speak, but before she could, he spoke again, "Namjoon is hurting because of what he had to do. I don't like that,"


AN: A TWIST HAHAHAHAHA akiasters you won't win that easily!!

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