26: Burger King

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Taehyung had been much happier over the past month. Daisy was out of the Med Bay and fully healthy again, apart from her lungs being a little less able to handle strenuous exercise anymore, and he had been allowed to gather samples from any persistent dead ones that hung around outside the manor house outer gates.

Bee, however, had been incredibly moody lately, and everyone had made it a point to keep out of her way. Jimin was obviously getting the brunt of her aggression, but he took it all in his stride, which seemed to make Taehyung even happier.

She was roughly between five and six months, although they couldn't be one hundred percent sure, so her baby bump was bigger than before, and she seemed to be suffering quite a lot.

"What's wrong?" Namjoon asked Jimin as he flumped down on the table with a sigh.

"Bee wants Burger King," He muttered, "How the hell am I supposed to get her Burger King?"

"She actually asked for that?" Daisy placed a mug of coffee in front of Jimin.

"Of course not," Jimin said, "She just says she wants it. She knows it's not possible, but of all the cravings, why that?"

"Well," Daisy hummed, "I could do some burgers and fries,"

Both Namjoon and Jimin looked over at her in surprise, and she smiled.

"Well, chicken burgers, anyway. I don't think we should kill any pigs or goats until we get a few more. We have so many chickens,"

"Good idea," Jimin said, jumping to his feet, "I'll go see Jungkook now. We can surprise her at dinner,"

"Alright," Namjoon also stood up, "I'll go ask Yoongi if there're any potatoes ready. Fries sound like heaven, right now,"

Once Jimin had asked Jungkook what chicken they could have for dinner, he got it ready and passed it to Daisy, before heading down to the lab to check up on his wife. He rolled his eyes when he found her in her office, squatting down to pick up some paperwork she had dropped.

"I'll get it, baby," He said, moving to her quickly.

"It's fine," She snapped, "I'm not an invalid, I'm just pregnant. Why does everyone keep trying to take over?"

"Babe," Jimin sighed, "We're only trying to help,"

"Well don't,"

"That won't stop us," He said, taking the papers from her hands and placing them on her desk. He pulled her into his body, holding her in an embrace, "I know you're irritable right now," He said softly, "But I still love you, even if you yell at me all the time,"

"I wouldn't have to yell at you if you listened the first time," Came her grumpy reply, and he laughed.

"If you're this bad halfway through the pregnancy, how bad are you going to be towards the end?"

"Shut up," She mumbled, wrapping her arms around him and holding onto him, "You're annoying,"

"So are you," He smiled, lifting a hand to tilt her face up, "But not as annoying as Namjoon. He's been moaning constantly,"

Bee smiled a little, "Hana's avoiding him still?"

Jimin nodded and pressed a kiss to her lips, "Yeah. She's locked him out of the lab because he was too persistent. You know, I think he really likes her. I don't think it's just lust,"

"We should put a good word in for him," Bee said, "He's a good guy. But to be honest, I'm not all that close with Dr Yoo. Nobody is, really. She keeps to herself- Oh! I think she talks to Hoseok, though,"

Jimin raised his eyebrows, "Are they...?"

Bee shook her head, "No. Just friends. Hoseok still loves his wife. They just talk,"

Jimin and his wife stood quietly cuddling for a while, before Bee pulled away, "Ah, Jimin!"

"What, what is it?"

Bee took his hand and pulled it to her stomach, smiling, "I'm being beat up,"

Jimin's face changed to a picture of wonder. The baby had been moving around for a while, and recently, Bee was able to feel it on the outside as well, but he had never managed to get a kick before. He couldn't help the huge smile on his face when he felt the baby that his brave wife was protecting within her own body when he felt little bumps of movement under his hands.

"Wow," He whispered, slowly sinking to his knees and placing both hands on his wife's stomach, "Hey, little guy," He said quietly, "You listening? I need you to grow up big and strong for your mummy. She's doing so well looking after you, so you need to reward all her hard work, okay? Then, when you come into the world, I'll be able to look after you, too,"

Bee smiled as the baby moved a little more, "Baby recognises your voice," She said, running her fingers through Jimin's hair.

He looked up at her and smiled, "I can't wait to meet our offspring," He said, getting to his feet when the movement slowed and stopped, "I'm so proud of you," He wrapped his arms around Bee again, "You're the bravest person here. Even more brave than me; and that's brave, because I married you and have to put up with your shit,"

He grinned as she laughed and slapped his arm, "Shut up. Did you get me my Burger King?" She lifted an eyebrow, "I want extra fries, and onion rings,"

"Ah, well, babe," Jimin laughed, "You know I can't-"

Both Bee and Jimin turned when they heard a voice at the door.

"Daisy said dinners ready," Jin said with a smile, "Come on up, before Namjoon eats it all. He's been drooling over it, but Daisy won't let him touch any yet,"

Jimin turned back to Bee with a triumphant grin, "I didn't get Burger King, Babe, but I got something better,"


AN: Guys, just a quick message in case you wanna hate on Bee for her attitude... If you don't know anything about pregnancy, there are times where you get super moody or tearful, and the cravings can drive you INSANE.

When I was pregnant, luckily I didn't suffer with those as much, but I did have one night where I sat on my bed at 1AM and ate two whole cartons of plum cherry tomatoes. And there was this one time that I was washing up and my husband offered to do it for me and it made me SO MAD that I threw a pair of chopsticks at him and then cried in the bathroom for twenty minutes. For literally no reason soooo.... yeah, don't hate on Bee she can't help it lol

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