13: Nothing Stupid

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"Sarge, I hate to say it, but leaving the keys in was kinda stupid," Namjoon muttered as Jimin pulled him back into the pharmacy, "Now we have no car,"

"You mean these keys, Private?" Jimin snapped back, lifting the keys from his pocket, "Whoever it was hot-wired it. I didn't leave the keys inside, I'm not stupid,"

Namjoon paused and then nodded, "Sorry,"

Jimin sighed, running his fingers through his hair, "Well we have to find a way back with all this medication, but it's getting dark,"

"The radio won't work, will it?" Namjoon said, peering out through the glass at the darkening sky, "It's too far away,"

"Yeah," Jimin said, "And this place isn't safe. There's nothing to stop people or dead ones just coming inside,"

"There's a camping shop down the road a bit," Namjoon said, clicking his fingers, "I saw it on the drive,"

"There'll be nothing left in there, that would have been the first place people went to when there was trouble," 

"No, Sarge," Namjoon said, "We can get some backpacks so we can carry the medication on our backs,"

Jimin was silent for a moment, and then nodded, "Alright. I'll go, you stay here and-"

"I'll go, Sarge," Namjoon cut him off, "You're always risking yourself, but now you need to be more careful. Your wife is pregnant, she needs you. I'll go,"

"Joon, we need you, too," Jimin said seriously, "So-"

"I'll go," Namjoon insisted, "Please, Sarge, just let me go,"

Jimin sighed, "Fine, just don't do anything stupid,"

"Of course not," Namjoon grinned, before putting his plastic bags filled with medication behind the pharmacy counter and heading out the door.


Taehyung was in a foul mood. He was tired, and the man he had been trying to keep alive for the past few days was no longer in the condition where he could be considered living. 

"What a fucking waste of medication," He muttered, resisting the strong urge to kick the corpse. Jongup had deteriorated very quickly, and although Hana had taken a blood sample from both him, Bee and Daisy, she hadn't discovered anything yet, except for the fact that Bee was, thankfully, not infected.

He would have to clear the body from the infirmary and burn it far away from the house, so that there was no chance of Bee getting sick. Then he would be able to move Daisy into the vacant bed so he could monitor her easily. 

If it were up to him, he would dump Daisy outside the fence with the body, so that there was no chance of Bee getting infected at all, but he knew that would upset her.

He laughed a little to himself at how everyone in the house had changed their attitudes towards him recently; just because he was treating Daisy, everyone suddenly had begun to smile when they saw him. They asked him how he was doing, and if he wanted anything. They were so trusting just because he said that he wouldn't harm a companion.

That didn't mean that they were friends. He could not care less if they all dropped dead; in fact, it meant he would have some interesting samples. Hoseok had lovely hands, and Jin's fingers were extremely interesting. He still liked Daisy's eyes, and one of Yoongi's small ears would be a good addition. 

However, at this moment, they were of use to him, and he didn't want to upset Bee, so he just continued like nothing had changed. Not that anything had changed, with him at least.

There was a knock at the door to the medical bay, and Taehyung tore his eyes away from the corpse on the bed, "What?"

"It's Jungkook," The voice was timid and Taehyung rolled his eyes. At least he knew Jungkook was still weary of him.

"What do you want?" 

"Hana wanted to know how Jongup is,"

"He's dead," Taehyung replied, his voice dull, "I'll be taking him out past the fence in a moment. Tell Yoongi and send someone to help,"

"Alright," The sounds of footsteps indicated that Jungkook had left, and Taehyung moved to the body. If he could, he'd carry him all the way outside by himself, so he could release some of the pent-up frustration on him. Digging his knife inside the person that had wasted his time and materials would have made him feel better, however carrying him that far wasn't possible alone.

There was another knock at the door, and this time it was Yoongi.

"I'll help take the body out," He said, "I'll need PPE, right?"

Taehyung grabbed a disposable apron, a pair of long gloves and a face mask from the cupboard and went to the door. He unlocked the door and opened it just enough to pass them out through the gap. A moment later, there was another knock on the door and he opened it fully.

"Take hold of it's legs," He said, going to the top of the bed, "We'll have to take it out and burn it, or bury it deep so it doesn't spread,"

Yoongi did as he was told, gripping the unfortunate mans ankles tightly.

"We'll be quick," He called as he looked over his shoulder at the people gathering at the door, "Jin, keep watch from the tower, Hoseok please wait by the gate to let us in again," He turned back to Taehyung, "Ready? Let's do it,"

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