17: Assume The Worst

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Jimin had been gone for half an hour and Namjoon was beginning to feel sleepy. His ankle was throbbing, which wasn't the best feeling, and he just wanted to curl up and sleep. However, he knew that wasn't the best thing to do, so he kept himself upright, his eyes wide open.

It was hot in the tiny shop that Jimin had left him, and he wanted to go outside and get fresh air, but that would have been stupid, so he just sat, sweating and gasping for his Sergeant to come back for him. It felt like he had been gone for a very long time, but Namjoon never gave up hope.

Jimin promised he would come back, so he would.

A few minutes later, Namjoon heard the quiet rumble of an engine outside, and slowly drew his gun with weak hands. His fingers were starting to feel numb.

"Ah, shit," He muttered as the gun clattered to the floor, useless. His arm slumped down, unable to stay up anymore and he closed his eyes, taking a deep breath.

"Joon, fuck!" He heard Jimin's voice, but could barely open his eyes to respond.

"Sarge," His voice was quiet, "I'm fine. Let's go,"

"No, hold still," Namjoon's vision was going blurry, but he could see Jimin fumbling around in his pouch. The next moment, a sharp, extreme pain stabbed him right in the middle of his bite, and his eyes shot open.

"No, Sarge, you can't-"

"Too late," Jimin snapped, "I should have given this to you earlier, I'm such a fucking idiot. We have to get to the car. There's a bottle of whiskey in there, you need to drink it,"

Jimin mostly carried Namjoon to the car, and after he had gone back for the medication, he climbed behind the wheel, "I didn't want to drive back in the dark, but we have no choice. Drink the whiskey, Joon,"

"Why?" Namjoon fumbled with the bottle, trying to get the lid off with his numb hands. Jimin reached over and unscrewed it and lifted it to his lips. He took a large gulp, sighing at the strong burn that ran down his throat. He took the bottle from Jimin and drank a little more.

"It'll lower your heart rate," Jimin said, "Slow down the spread of the infection,"

"I don't know if that's how it works, Sarge," Namjoon sighed, taking another swig and closing his eyes, "But getting drunk right now seems like a pretty good idea,"


Bee slowly climbed the ladder that led to the tower, and closed the door behind her once she was inside. Yoongi briefly looked up at her, before turning his attention back to the window again.

"Yoongi," Bee said firmly, and the soldier slowly turned to look at her again, "I'm going to pretend that what you did never happened,"

Yoongi sighed, "What about Jimin? You should tell him,"

Bee paused, "Yes, I should," She agreed, "But that could ruin the dynamics of our group. It could also get you killed,"

Yoongi sighed again, "I'm sorry," He muttered, "I wasn't thinking. I've been on edge lately; my mind is going crazy, showing me things that I want but can't have,"

"Like what?" Bee sat down at the table next to him, "Talk to me about it, maybe it will help? What are you dreaming of?"

He moved his eyes to her, "You," He said, "I'm dreaming of you,"

When she didn't say anything, Yoongi once again sighed and got to his feet, "I'm sorry," He repeated, "I don't know when it started. I just- I won't do it again, I promise. You can trust me, Bee, I just had a momentary lapse in my self control,"

"I trust you," Bee said, "And I'm sorry things are like this for you. I imagine it's quite painful,"

Yoongi huffed out a laugh, "Well you could say that. I think if the whole end of the world shit hadn't happened, I wouldn't even like you more than a friend,"

Bee laughed, "Gee, thanks,"

He smiled and shook his head, "That's not what I meant," He scratched at his head, "Please forgive me?"

The scientist nodded, "Of course. We're friends, Yoongi. We're a group, a family. People make mistakes, and as long as you learn from them, there isn't anything that can't be forgiven. We just have to keep this quiet. Nobody can know, because if they find out, Jimin or Taehyung will kill you,"

Yoongi nodded, "Yeah, I-"

"What can't they know?" Both Bee and Yoongi turned their heads to the side when they heard Hoseok's voice, "What is it that they can't know?"

"Not your concern," Yoongi snapped, "Why are you here?"

"Well I was going to take over watch," Hoseok crossed his arms over his chest, "But now I think you both owe me an explanation or I'm going to assume the worst,"

"Hoseok, it's not as bad as you thi-" Bee was cut off by the radio crackling, and she jumped to her feet, her eyes wide as she grabbed for it, "Jimin?! Jimin, are you there?!"

"We're near the gate," Jimin's voice sounded panicked, "Let us in, quickly. Get Hana!"

"Jimin?!" Bee cried as Yoongi and Hoseok ran for the door, "What's wrong, are you hurt?!"

"Baby, no time!" Jimin replied, "Get the gate open and fetch Hana!"

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