35: Needs

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Hana had been confined to the lab and her room for two weeks already. She had spent a lot of time by herself just thinking, as Namjoon wasn't always with her; when he was, he usually wasn't very interested in talking.

She realized that she hadn't apologized to anybody during the whole two weeks that she had been away from everyone, and the fact that she was being left out was starting to wear down on her.

After making things better with Namjoon, she was sat at the table in the kitchen, with the rest of the members of the group waiting for her to speak. Knowing that all eyes were on her and especially nervous due to a set of murderous eyes on her, Hana took a deep breath before speaking.

"Bee," She said, her voice quiet but confident, "I am sorry for hitting you and I'm sorry for blaming you for Hoseok's death. It wasn't your fault, and he would hate to know that I blamed you for it,"

Bee nodded, "Alright," She said, "I understand. It's not okay, but I forgive you,"

Hana smiled weakly at her before continuing, "And I'm sorry to everyone else, too. I was so angry and caught up in my own anger at what he did that I just lashed out," She turned to Namjoon, who smiled at her, "I'm especially sorry to you, Namjoon,"

His smile grew wider and he moved to her, placing a hand on her shoulder and squeezing just a little, "We understand. I'm just happy that you've snapped out of it and realised where everything went wrong,"

"Well, that's all I was waiting for," Jimin said, "So, the isolation is over. You should be with the rest of us. We're a family, so we should treat each other like this,"

"Right," Daisy said, clapping her hands together, "Now that everything is back to normal, I made roast veg with the remainder of the rice. It should be good!"


"Shouldn't you be in bed?" Namjoon asked as he lounged over one of the counters in the lab, watching Hana as she worked.

"Shouldn't you be in the tower?" Hana replied, not looking up at him.

"Oh, I forgot," Namjoon said, "Jin volunteered to stay in the tower most of the time. He swaps shifts with Daisy during the night,"

Hana looked up, "Their relationship is that intimate?"

"So it would seem," Namjoon grinned, "I personally think that they are both out there so none of us have to hear them. Daisy can be loud,"

Hana flushed red and looked back down at the table, making Namjoon grin even more.

"Hey, Doc, mind if I ask you a personal question?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"Nah, I'm going to ask anyway," Namjoon said, "Are you possibly a virgin?"

Hana choked on air, scrabbling to reach a bottle of water that was on the counter near her. Namjoon grinned, satisfied at her reaction.

"I guess that's a yes,"

"Well I've not really had much time for love, have I?" Hana snapped, "With the whole end of the world thing happening,"

"Well, that's true," Namjoon acknowledge, "But you have time, now,"

The Doctor slowly lifted her eyes to meet Namjoon's unusually serious face.

"I mean, you know I like you. I think everyone knows it. You've known for a while, and I even kissed you, but you've not given me any indication of your feelings. Do you want me to back off? Or do you want me?"

Hana swallowed audibly and lowered her gaze once again. She finished piling up the remaining paperwork, but kept her eyes down.

Namjoon sighed and stood up, "Alright," He said, "I'll back off-"

"I want you," Hana said, cutting him off. She looked up at his surprised face, "I've wanted you for a while, but you didn't really pay any attention to me until that day in the lab after you were bitten,"

"That's not true," He said, "I just didn't make it obvious. I ran out of patience, and hey," He grinned, "I was completely fucked. The Sarge got me drunk so I was a bit more forward,"

"Then," Hana took a deep breath, "Can I be forward?"

Namjoon raised an eyebrow, but nodded, "Be my guest,"

Hana moved around the counter towards Namjoon and reached out, taking the front of his shirt in her hands. She then yanked on him so he was pulled forward, crashing her lips into his.

Namjoon eagerly kissed back, regaining his balance and wrapping his arms around her body.

"You know," Hana pulled away with a gasp, her face flushed, "It's the end of the world,"

"It is," Namjoon replied, his voice deep.

"Maybe we could go up to my bedroom to continue," Hana said, "You can help me out a bit,"

Namjoon frowned a little, "Doc, it's a bit soon, don't you think?"

"You don't want to?" Hana answered, her voice quiet.

"Fuck yes I do," Namjoon swore, "But I'm thinking about you here,"

"Then come upstairs and think about me some more,"

Namjoon was silent for a moment, just staring into the scientists deep brown eyes. 

"Lead the way, Doc," He said, his voice gruff as he gave in to the needs that they were both feeling.


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