46: Rule One

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"This looks amazing," Julie gasped as they drove in through the gates. Namjoon closed the gates behind them and headed right back up the ladder. Jimin wasn't surprised that he didn't want to meet the new people, although usually, he would have insisted on being there for safety reasons.

They drove through the inner gates and Taehyung parked the car, before getting out, his knife in his hands. Jungkook and Jimin also climbed out, followed by the two women, who stood nervously beside the car.

Taehyung huffed, irritated, and grabbed some of the new equipment from the boot of the car before heading into the house. Jimin saw him go into the med bay through the window, and he sighed, running his fingers through his hair.

"Rule one," He said to the women, "Is very important. Stay away from Taehyung. You are not to be in a room with him without myself or one of the other soldiers," He paused, "You'll probably be the safest if you're with Bee, though,"

Thalia frowned, "Why?"

"Trust him," Jungkook smiled at them, "It's for the best,"

Both women nodded a little, and Jimin led them inside the manor to the kitchen. When they got inside, Yoongi was stood next to a steaming pot that had a delicious smell coming from it, and Jungkook rushed to him.

"Hyung!" He whined, "I wanted to cook, you- that looks really good why would you do that to me?"

Yoongi laughed, "Kook, you can show us how good you are tomorrow. I just thought I might as well do it or it'll take too long,"

Jungkook pouted, "Okay. Where's Bee? I'll go and get her,"

"I think she's in the lab,"

"I'll go," Jimin said, turning to the women, "Take a seat, I'll be right back. Jungkook, go and get Jin, please,"

Jimin quickly moved from the kitchen to the stairs leading down to the lab. When he reached the bottom, he heard the faint sound of sniffling.

"Bee?!" He rushed into the lab only to see his wife sat at the counter on a stool, "Bee what's wrong, are you alright?!"

Bee turned to face him, her eyes stony and cold, "I'm fine. I see you're back without a problem,"

Jimin sighed, "Baby, are you really that mad at me?"

Bee climbed down from the stool, pushing his hands away when he tried to help her.

"Oh come on, Bee, I had to-"

"No, you didn't," Bee snapped, "You promised that you'd find somebody else to go, and you didn't,"

Jimin ran his fingers through his hair, "Can we do this later?" He muttered, "We have new people here and I don't want to-"

"Oh, so you also decided that it was okay to bring new people here without discussing it with everyone else?" Jimin rolled his eyes.

"Bee, let's do this later. I'm not doing it now. Come upstairs so you can meet the new people and we can go through the rules with them,"

"Yes, Sir," Bee said, clearly annoyed with him. She waddled away from him and slowly up the steps leading upstairs, ignoring his exasperated calls.

Once she was in the kitchen, she ignored the two new women's stares at her, and sunk into a chair at the table. Jin handed her a glass of water and she smiled gratefully at him. He looked exhausted, and she knew he'd much rather be with Daisy in the med bay, but at the moment, he was required to be here.

The women both looked scruffy and dirty, and they had wide eyes that suggested to Bee that they had been through a lot. Her mood right now would be their first impression of her, and although she was annoyed, she shouldn't take it out on these innocent people.

Jimin sat down next to her, clearly exasperated, but he began the introductions anyway, "This is Yoongi," He said, gesturing to the soldier by the stove, "The man in the tower is Namjoon. They're both trained soldiers, so you're safe here. This is Jin," Jin smiled weakly at them, and Jimin turned to Bee, "And this is my wife, Bee. If you ever need something from Taehyung, ask her to go with you,"

"You're pregnant," One of the women blurted suddenly, "At a time like this?" Her eyes widened suddenly, "Oh, I didn't mean any offence, it's just that... At a time like this?"

"What was she supposed to do?" Taehyung's irritated voice came from the doorway, "Have someone hold her still while someone else punched her repeatedly in the stomach to force a miscarriage?"

"Taehyung!" Bee snapped, "That's enough,"

"I'm sorry!" She said, "I didn't mean any offence, I just-"

"It's fine," Bee sighed, "And yes, I'm pregnant,"

"You look about eight months," The other woman said, "How have you managed to get this far? I'm impressed,"

Taehyung opened his mouth again but Jimin cut him off, "Tae, how is Daisy?"

The medic turned his eyes to Jimin, "The oxygen is helping her,"

The second woman raised her eyebrows, "Someone is hurt? Do you want me to take a look? I am a nurse, I assisted with lots of procedures and-"

"Thanks," Jimin said, "But later. We have some things to go through first," He addressed the group, "This is Julie and Thalia," He said, "And they'll be staying with us," He glanced at them, "On probation to start with. Now for the rules,"

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