3: Not Food

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Once Jimin had finished the first watch, he went straight to his bedroom, where his wife was waiting.

She was sat up in the bed, deep in thought when he opened the door, and he frowned.

"It's late, baby, why are you still awake?"

She sighed as he unclothed and climbed in beside her, shuffling down and laying on her side with her head resting on his chest, "I feel weird," She muttered, "Like I've forgotten something,"

"Did you take your tablet?" Jimin asked, combing his fingers through her hair. Bee nodded.

"Tae doesn't let me forget,"

"I'm sure you'll remember soon enough," Jimin said, "You always do," He pressed a kiss onto her temple, "Go to sleep. You need to rest while you can,"

Jimin quickly dozed off, but Bee just lay beside him, unable to even close her eyes. Whatever it was that she had forgotten, was important.


"So first," Jungkook said, placing Little on the floor of the garage and heading to the back where the tools were kept, "We need to clean them," 

The chicken followed along behind him, and Em An and Jojo glanced at each other before also following.

"I don't know why I was given animal duty," Em An sighed, "I don't even like animals. I worked in the med bay before,"

"We have a medic," Jungkook said brightly, "And the animals are cute and need a lot more care,"

"Your medic creeps me out," Jojo shuddered, accepting the shovel that Jungkook passed to her, "Why's he so mean?"

Jungkook hesitated, "Like Bee said. He's stressed. We do the goats first, then the pigs, and then the chickens,"

The girls followed him to where the goats were penned up and he showed them how to clean them out. They then did the pigs and the chickens, and Jungkook had them all fed and watered before collecting the basket of eggs and leading the two girls back into the house.

"Why is this chicken following you?" Jojo asked, "It's kinda weird,"

"She's my pet," Jungkook said, "It's not weird," He stooped down and Little flapped up into his arms, making the girls glance at each other again.

"I didn't mean it in a bad way," Jojo said, "I just meant that I thought you would have eaten it by now. You have all these animals but you barely eat any meat here-"

"Little is not for eating!" Jungkook cried, "And if we ate all the animals, we wouldn't have eggs or milk, and we would have run out of fertilizer already! We have plenty of food, why would we have to kill the animals just to eat the meat? That's wasteful!"

"Sorry," Em An said quickly, "She didn't mean any offence. It was just a speculation,"

Jungkook huffed and nodded, before going into the house, Little in one arm and a basket of eggs in the other.

"Daisy, I brought you some eggs," He said, dropping the basket heavily on the counter, "They laid well last night,"

"What's wrong, Kook?" Yoongi asked, wiping the sweat from his forehead with a small towel, "Daisy, I harvested some of the vegetables. We have carrots and tomatoes, and there are some potatoes, too. Also, the bramble bush at the back of the building is looking food, we might have some blackberries soon,"

"Thank you, Yoongi," Daisy smiled at him, "I think I'll make a soup for dinner, and use the tomatoes with some of the lettuce for lunch,"

"Where's Daehyun?" Jojo asked, "Wasn't he helping you?"

"He's washing his hands," Yoongi said, going to Jungkook, "Kook, what's up?"

"Nothing," Jungkook sat heavily at the table and let his hen settle on his lap, "I'm just hungry,"

"Where's Himchan?" Em An said, "Why isn't he here yet?"

"Look, we aren't going to fucking murder anyone, so calm down," Namjoon came into the room, his rifle resting on his shoulder, "Why are you two so worked up in the morning?"

"I'm here, Em," Himchan followed Namjoon in, "I was inspecting the fences with Namjoon,"

"Why's it so chaotic in here?" Hoseok entered the kitchen with Hana, and shortly after, Jimin and Bee came in, so the room was completely full.

"Sit down!" Daisy called over the chatter, "I'm not serving breakfast until everyone has sat down and relaxed!"

The sounds of chairs being pulled from the large table echoed around the room and everyone slowly sank down into their seats.

"Report," Jimin said, breaking the silence as he reached for one of the mugs of coffee on the table.

"All quiet," Namjoon said, "The fences are secure as well,"

Jimin nodded, "Alright," He said, "That's good. I was a little worried that you guys were followed by dead ones, but we're still safe," He looked over at each of them, "I know I gave you random jobs today, but that was just for this morning. If you tell me what you did, I can assign appropriate jobs,"

"I was a medic," Em An said, "But before, I was training to be a midwife,"

There was silence around the table, and a few sets of eyes flickered to Bee. Jimin cleared his throat, "Well, we have a medic already, and I doubt he wants help. You might be able to assist Dr Yoo in the lab," He looked at Jojo.

"Gardener," She said, "To grow vegetables,"

"Well you can help Yoongi, then,"

"I was an officer, so I just patrolled," Daehyun said, "But I don't mind doing anything. Himchan is the same,"

"Himchan can help Jungkook with the animals," Jimin decided, "And Daehyun, you can help me with creating some more crops,"

The pair nodded as Taehyung came through the kitchen door, looking tired and a little annoyed.

"Morning, Taehyung," Jimin greeted, "Are you alright?"

"The patient is not improving," He said, "I need Hana and Bee to come with me to take a look,"

Bee reached out and took hold of Taehyung's wrist, pulling him into the seat next to her, "Unless it's an emergency right now, you need to eat something. You look awful,"

Taehyung sighed and nodded, before placing his hand on the table and sliding it towards her. When he lifted it, Bee saw the little tablet she had been taking every morning for over a month.

She reached for it, but Daehyun frowned, leaning across Taehyung and grabbing it.

"What is this?" He asked, lifting it up so everyone could see, "What is this tablet?"

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