39: Journal

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"Sarge?" Namjoon jogged towards Jimin when he saw him head out the front door of the manor house.

Jimin turned to look at him and Namjoon stopped by him.

"Where's Bee?"

"You wanna have another chat with her, again?" Jimin sighed, "Really?"

Namjoon shook his head, "Where is she?"

Jimin jerked his chin towards the stairs, "She's upstairs, still. Why?"

"Thanks," Namjoon took off back up the stairs and all the way to the top floor. The door to Jimin and Bee's bedroom door was open so he knocked and stepped inside when Bee looked up. She was sat on the bed, struggling to pull a pair of socks on.

"You alright, Bee?" He asked, kneeling down to help her.

"Thanks," She said sheepishly, "Jimin usually helps but I was feeling hot, so I didn't want to wear them before. What's wrong?"

Namjoon sighed and reached into the back pocket of his combat pants, "I didn't really want to do this, but," He sighed again and pulled Hana's journal out and looked at it, "Taehyung convinced me. Something just didn't feel right,"

Bee narrowed her eyes when she saw the little book, "Namjoon, did you honestly take this without her knowing?"

"Yes," He said, "I know it's wrong, but please Bee, just help me out. I'm trusting both mine and Taehyung's instincts,"

Bee took a deep breath and reached out, taking the book into her hands, "You owe Hana an apology if you're wrong," She said, "And this is not like you, Namjoon,"

"I know," He sighed, "Please, Bee. Can you explain what it all means?"

"Alright," She sighed, "Let me have a look,"


When Hana woke up, Namjoon was already gone. It hadn't been unusual for him to get up before her, and she did understand. He checked the fences twice daily, and he inspected it so thoroughly in the morning while everyone was doing their chores, that it took him just as long as everybody else who was working.

Stretching out her muscles, she got up and pulled her clothes on. She was very close to completing the immunisation and perhaps even a cure, but she just needed to tweak it a few more times.

Hana poured over her research in her office before heading into the lab. She sighed, tapping on a page as she stared at a little vial sat next to the microscope.

"I need a fresh dead one," She muttered, "The fresher the better,"

The formula for the cure needed to be tested on a dead one to see if it would reverse the effects. If they had turned immediately after the heart had stopped beating, and the cure worked as soon as it was administered, there was a high chance that it would completely rid the body of the infection with little to no side effects. 

"Maybe a small amount of brain damage because of the temperature before initial death," She pondered, jotting down more notes on her hypothesis.

The immunisation would need test subjects, too. The blood works from the members of the groups were showing positive readings, but that didn't mean it would completely immunise a live human being. She made another note to ask to have one or two of the young piglets that had been recently born so she could do some testing.

After writing down more notes and testing against some more blood, Hana realised it was time to eat, so placed her pen back on the counter and headed upstairs to the kitchen.


Namjoon watched Bee's facial expression change from irritation to shock and then anger as she flipped through Hana's journal.

"What's wrong?" He asked as she frowned down at one of the pages. He peeked over and the only thing he could see on the page was Yoongi's name, with various numbers and phrases that had no meaning to him.

"You said Hana keeps this on her and got angry when you read it?" She asked, still staring at the page, "Right?"

Namjoon nodded, "Yes. Why?"

Bee stood up quickly, "This isn't-" She cut herself off as if she couldn't form a proper sentence, "These notes and figures are about when Yoongi was bitten," She said, the effort of remaining calm clear in her voice, "They're about the dosage and effects after each dosage,"

She held out the book and tapped her finger on the page, "Look at this. She gave him three lots of the formula. The first one is the largest amount, then after each good reaction, she gave him less. It looks like she lowered each dosage on purpose. Maybe she even took the IV out herself,"

"What are you saying?" Namjoon frowned, "Are you saying she was intentionally hurting him?"

"I think so," Bee said, "To me it looks like she was trying to let him die from the infection but didn't want us to know. She wanted him to turn; she wanted a fresh dead one to experiment on,"

"She tried to kill Yoongi?!" Namjoon exclaimed, "No, she wouldn't. Hana's not like that, she only wants to help mankind! You must have read it wrong, Bee. Maybe she wrote it the other way-"

"Namjoon," Bee said gently, "It's all written right here," She held out the journal again, "I'm not making it up,"

"Fuck!" Namjoon snatched the book from Bee's hand and paced back and forth across the room, "What do we do? What do I do? Bee, I love her, I can't- I-"

Bee reached out, placing her hand on his shoulder, "We should go and talk to her," She said calmly, "And ask her what it means. Maybe you're right. Maybe I didn't read it properly. These are her personal notes, it might mean something else,"

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