44: 02

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Jimin, Jungkook and Taehyung were sneaking quietly through the halls of the huge hospital. They had hidden the car and decided that it was safer to go through the building from the back, where there were less dead ones to deal with.

Jungkook clung closely to Jimin as they walked; he had insisted he go too so he could help, but he was still scared. He had admitted that to Jimin as they climbed out of the car, but Jimin told him fear was a good thing, as it kept him alert and gave him an edge. He promised to keep him safe, and Jungkook trusted him, so did as he was told and kept close.

"Dead one," Taehyung muttered, speeding up. He was wearing a doctors style mask over his lower face, which Jungkook had learnt that he wore to keep any blood from entering his mouth and nose. Jimin was just letting him deal with the dead ones, unless he had to intervene. Jungkook understood that it was a good way to let the medic release some stress.

Jimin stood back as Taehyung stabbed the dead one multiple times (which was unnecessary) until he grew bored and pushed the blade into its temple.

"Done, Tae?" He sighed, "Ready to move on after causing an unnecessary mess?"

Taehyung ignored him, stepping over the puddles of congealing blood and moving further down the corridor.

"This way," He said, turning to the left and heading into a large room. Jungkook and Jimin followed him with Jimin sighing as they did.

"Here," Taehyung pointed at a large cylinder with "02" written on the front, "We need some of these and some tubes and masks. This will make sure Daisy is getting enough air,"

"Right," Jimin said, grabbing two cylinders, "Is that everything?"

Taehyung picked up two more cylinders, "The connection tubes and masks,"

Jungkook searched the messy room and finally located some masks in a cupboard off to the side. He grabbed a bunch of them and once Taehyung had decided they were of good enough quality, they began to make their way back quietly to where they had hidden the car outside of the hospital.


Bee slowly made her way down the basement stairs to the lab. As she was growing bigger and bigger so quickly, she was wondering if her calculations were a little off and she was actually due sooner than she thought. However, she didn't have any experience with pregnancy, so maybe it was normal for her to be so large at only what she assumed to be around seven months. Her rounded stomach hadn't dropped and was still sicking out right in front of her, so she knew she wasn't in the final stages, and she was being kicked more and more, along with other strange movements, so she knew the baby was healthy. Apart from that, she was in the dark.

As she stepped into the lab, she had the overwhelming urge to cry. She felt as if she had nobody to talk to about her fears about giving birth, as they all expected her to be 'perfect'. She understood why Hana hated her. Hana was so focused on finding the cure and helping people, but Bee had drifted away from science in order to help the people in the house. She had been helping Hana, of course, but her focus hadn't been on the cure. As a scientist, that was wrong of her.

She waddled to the nearest stool and climbed onto it, pushing it out a little so there was room for her stomach as she stared down at Hana's last notes on the desk.

She had been so close to completing an immunisation, and it looked like she wanted to work on the reversal of the infection on dead ones.

Bee didn't notice that she was crying until she saw little drops of water hitting the handwritten notes from Dr Yoo.

Instead of trying to control herself this time, Bee pushed the paper away and covered her face with her hands, just letting her tears run free.

She was terrified, and she felt alone even though she knew she wasn't alone emotionally. But in the end, it would be her going through the pain of childbirth, not knowing if she was even going to live to see her baby. 

She sobbed harder when she felt her little one move around again in her stomach, pushing against her trying to find a more comfortable position. She hadn't even met them yet and already felt so connected. She wanted so much to help guide this baby through childhood and into adulthood but she didn't know if she was going to be able to.

She cried also because she had failed Hana. She hadn't helped her as much as she should have with research and experiments. She hadn't connected with her on a human level and the Doctor had died despising her.

Bee cried over her loss as she knew that Namjoon was hurting so much from what he had to do. She cried over the fact that she might never see the face of the baby she was raising in her own belly.

She cried because she felt alone, even though she knew she wasn't. And that made her feel like more of a failure.

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