Chapter 9 Part 3 "Hello Boys"

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When Terrant arrived yesterday the council room was under construction. The giant rectangular table was being taken out piece by piece and a large circular table was being built in the room. Joseph came up with the idea for the circular table after they had spent over an hour arguing about seating arrangements. All the Alpha's are used to being at the head of the table, so to sit anyone at the head of the table implies that they have more authority over the other Alpha's. Thus the circular table, which will put all the Alpha's on the same level.

As Terrant walked in, behind Joseph, he was surprised. The room was a large square with red wood trimming on the walls and a dark short carpet. The table was massive and gave off a smell of fresh cedar. Along the walls were comfortable chairs for the Betas'. The Alphas' quietly starred as Terrant and Joseph walked silently to the two open spots in front of them. Terrant felt the power radiating from each Alpha as he passed, it was almost stifling how much power was in one room. He silently wished they had picked a bigger venu as Joseph sat down giving Terrant the floor.

Taking a breath he began. "Welcome to the war council. Thank you for heeding our call and making time out of your busy schedules to take care of this threat. Also thank you to our host Alpha Fairing," Joseph nodded in response, "for providing the accommodations. Before we begin I will remind all that only Alphas and higher ranking officials are allowed in the meeting. Alpha Fairing will handle council protocol, and then I will continue with the presentation."

Terrant sat down and Joseph stood up motioning toward the black folders in front of everyone. "If you would open your folder there is a copy of the treaty that is to be signed." After a fluttering of papers Joseph began reading the peace treaty.

"In regards to the immediate threat of pack lives and property a council meeting convening on October the 23rd of 2018, of the human calendar, will commence. Those undersigned will agree to provide information, assistance, and any other service necessary to be rid the threat. During this time and 20 years after the final battle all members agree to continued peace between packs. No pack will be allowed to bring arms or claws against another pack within the treaty without violating the treaty and suffering the consequences. If any Alpha violates this treaty their land and pack members will be forfeit to this council who will decide their fate. All members of this Council will convene every year of peace to meet on any matters regarding the threat, recovery, and continual peace. Any acts of espionage by the undersigned or directed by the undersigned will be considered an act of war and will suffer the consequences of this pact. Any behavior that can be considered an act of war against this council but is not covered under this treaty is subject to the remaining council's judgement."

Joseph set down the treaty and looked around the room. A few of the Alpha's shuffled uncomfortably as his piercing blue eyes locked into theirs. "These are all the terms that were agreed upon. Are there any questions?"

"Why is the pact only for 20 years? Tradition dictates 50 years, at the very least for a peace treaty." Alpha Intent Freeman said matter of factly.

"Some Alphas in this council would not agree for the traditional time period." Almost immediately there was a shift as everyone glanced in Alpha Hunts direction. Apparently everyone knew who had insisted on the change. Alpha Hunt didn't look embarrassed, in fact he lifted his chin and smirked. "Either way the time period was agreed upon and we cannot continue with the council until the treaty is signed." The Alpha Intent shrugged and glanced at his Father who was watching Joseph intently.

Joseph allowed a uncomfortable silence for a full minute before signing the treaty with a flourish. "I Alpha Joseph Fairing agree to the terms of this treaty, as such I seal my loyalty in blood." Biting down on his thumb with his canine he pressed his thumb over his signature. Pulling it away his thumb already healed itself leaving a bloody thumbprint on top of his signature. He slid the treaty to the left; Alpha Woodland took up his pen and signed the treaty. Repeating Joseph he said out loud, "I Alpha Woodland agree to the terms of this treaty, as such I seal my loyalty in blood." Then left his own bloody thumbprint on top of his name. He passed it to the left to Alpha Freeman and his son. Both signed and stated out loud their loyalty before pressing their thumbprint. Next Alpha Hernandez then Alpha Black and on to Alpha Hunt.

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