Chapter 6 Part 1 Please Sign in Blood

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The Omega sat at the head of the table, leaning back in her chair with her arms folded behind her head, staring off into the distance as angry words flew around her. She was a tiny thing with bright red hair and fierce golden eyes. Her small frame and cute face was said to look doll like, but her outer appearance was a tactical advantage to those who didn't know her well.

The conference room was a large rectangle with a high ceiling and tall windows set high into the wall. A giant oval table in the middle that was able to fit twenty in comfortable brown leather chairs. There were bench seats lining the outside of the room in case the Delta offices needed their secretaries to sit in on the meeting.

"There is no way that they would agree to that kind of shift!"

"Have you asked?!"

"I don't need to ask! It is my job to know!"

The conference room felt like it was getting smaller as the giant personalities started to argue. Gia knew she needed to stop it before it got to blows, they just barely replaced the conference table from the last time a meeting got heated. Currently the Public Relations Delta and the Pack Relations Delta were starting to yell at each other over some sort of territory dispute. Gia glanced across the room finding John, the Delta who handled all the business, leaning back and smiling; apparently he was enjoying the free entertainment. Even though this meeting only had the three Deltas that headed the departments, they had also brought all of their officers who work in the department. Some of them seemed to be invested in the argument taking place, nodding or shaking their heads. A few looked very concerned as the volume continued to increase. One male officer looked down at the table as though the memory of the previous table being shredded and broken into firewood made him concerned for its safety.

Garrett, the Beta, was standing next to the door; bored out of his mind. He didn't have to be a part of these meetings as he was strictly head of security and military department, but he came anyway. Mostly waiting until Alpha's plane landed. A knock on the door was barely heard over the arguing, the Alpha's secretary opened the door and looked taken aback when she heard the insults being flung around the room. The conference room and all the offices were sound proof, she looked at the fray that was threatening to become violent and quickly walked over to the Omega.

She leaned down and whispered loudly, "Alpha's plane will be landing in 10 minutes."

Gia nodded and the secretary turned, practically running out of the conference room. Gia motioned to Garrett who got the silent message and left the conference room behind the secretary to go meet Alpha Winters at the private airport.

Gia turned her attention back to the argument where one of the officers was insulting another's mother, and another was threatening a gruesome death to the red faced Delta of Public Relations.

Gia sat up in her chair and growled over the chaos, "SHUT UP!"

Everyone paused, looking up at her in shock. "Now that we have gotten all of the immaturity out of our system, let's take a break. Hopefully we will come back as well adjusted adults." Some wolves brows furrowed in irritation. "I know you are all quite capable in your respective fields. However, If you argue like this in front of Alpha Winters, or break another table, I will put you in charge of the daycare for a month."

John snorted, and the other two Delta's shifted in their chairs uncomfortably. Gia stood up putting both her hands on the table, leaning in with a feral grin. "Now lets agree to meet up again at 1700 hours, by then I expect the respective departments to come up with some solutions that will have everyone smiling."

A round of grumbling went around the room, mostly from the two Deltas departments that were fighting. Gia face fell and her eyes flashed angrily, she leaned even further across the table. Some wolves leaned away, alarm apparent on their faces, "I'm sorry that must have sounded like a suggestion or an invitation." Gia's eyes went cold, "So let me just clarify for all of you in case you don't get my drift. I don't care about your petty feuds. This conference room and these meetings are not the time to bring them up. If you cannot let your personal vendetta's go when you are in this office then I do not want you and will take your resignation now." No one moved, no one breathed as Gia's eyes became a dark molten gold; she lowered her voice into a growl. "As I was saying, you have till 1700 to come up with a solution that will have everyone leaving here with the sun shining out of their asses." She paused looking everyone in the eye as she hissed, "Dismissed."

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