Chapter 4-Part 2 A Smirk is a Shortcut to Getting Punched

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"I should have known." Dean said coming closer. Chris didn't look up from her hands. "I knew there was something off about you when we found you."

"Off how?"Chris said looking up with a smirk on her face as Dean slowly came closer the rifle pointed right at her chest.

"We get a good haul of wolf pups and in less than 24 hours a girl who is claiming that she is lost appears."

"Well I'm sure PETA will be pleased with my assistance in releasing the pups before they became a coat." Chris pushed herself up from the crate and faced Dean directly.

"You know we weren't selling them for pelts, in Canada there is some rich fanatic that loves wolves and pays top dollar for them. They say he has his own pack." Chris continued to stare at him, not showing any emotion, but the information was news to her, she would have to look into it later. "But this isn't the first time you have come to the rescue is it?"

Chris folded her arms across her chest, "I don't know what you mean."

Dean chuckled and lowered the gun a few inches, "About 4 years ago. A friend of mine was poaching in Northern Washington. He came across a wolf pup that seemed to be lost. He picked it up and figured he could get a good figure on the black market, but low and behold before he left the mountain with his haul, a girl appeared claiming to be lost. He tried to help her out and show her the way back, but next thing he knows he is hogtied and being hauled down the mountain, he said something about the girl changing into a white wolf. After a while, he was put into the loony bin. Said the wolves were everywhere."

"Hmmm, so if you were this skeptical why did you let me come with you?"

"Because, I figure a girl who can break open a solid wood crate with her bare hands would get a better price than 4 pups." Chris smirk left her face, she could feel her wolf growling in her chest with indignation, 'did he honestly think he would be able to take us' her wolf thought. "It seems you weren't expecting that." He smiled and pulled the rifle back up and took aim.

BANG! Chris moved quickly behind the crate. BANG! Another gunshot and wood sprayed over Chris's head. She ran in a crouched position around the crates as Dean took chase. She ran to the other side of the crates going over a pro and con list of phasing in front of him. She shoved the crate over and it narrowly missed Dean as he yelled curse words at her. She ran towards the camp when she heard the gun cock again and stopped.

"Don't move!" Dean said, the rifle was sticking out behind the crate that she toppled. Slowly it raised up and Dean came out walking closer to her, fishing around in his back pocket. He pulled a flash of silver out and tossed it at Chris, "Put this on."

They were silver handcuffs. Chris had to stop herself from rolling her eyes. "Really? I didn't think we were into kinky stuff yet. I mean we barely know each other."

"Put them on, or I will blow your head off."

Chris couldn't help herself. She rolled her eyes, and slowly put the cuffs on and snapped them into place. Immediately her hands felt heavier. Dean came closer, watching her closely. Chris pulled experimentally at the cuffs, "Hmmm... some sort of-"

"Silver. Pure silver to be exact. I have my own ideas about what you are, but I will ere on the side of caution." Chris cocked her head examining the silver cuffs. These cuffs were definitely not pure silver, she would have known if they were when she touched them, but they were some sort of silver alloy, whose effects were minimal. Silver wasn't as dangerous to werewolves in their human form. It appeared mostly as an allergic rash if it made contact with skin. If ingested or inhaled it could be deathly, just like with humans. This metal didn't even irritate her skin, he must have paid a lot for these cuffs though, they were pretty heavy duty.

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