Chapter 10 Part 1 Feminine Wiles

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The silence was deafening. Everyone appeared to be struggling with what they were seeing. The woman across the table, smirking at them, appeared to be used to this type of reaction and was waiting patiently for someone to voice the question that was burning thru all of them.

Finally on Terrant's left Alpha Gray found his voice. "Who are you supposed to be? Where is Alpha Winters?"

Her smirk grew and Terrant's mind reeled, 'no way,' he thought to himself.

"Excuse me," Joseph's voice came over the crowd as he pushed himself to the front and sighed in relief. "Chris I am so glad you could make it." He walked around the table and pulled the woman up into a light embrace.

The woman smiled warmly at him. "Sorry it took so long. Garrett had... security issues."

Joseph shook his head and smiled back. "You're here and that is all that matters. Did you get a chance to review the-"

"Excuse me! But could someone explain what is happening?" Alpha Freeman asked, "where is Alpha Winters?"

"This is Alpha Winters." Terrant said quietly. Everyone looked at him in surprise. Even the women raised an eyebrow, curiously.

"What do you mean Terrant?" Alpha Hunt said with the slightest hint of accusation. Moving forward he faced Terrant like he was interrogating him. "Is this a trick?"

Terrant stared at the woman silently before stating. "It all makes sense." His head tilted to the side as he continued to examine the woman.

"What does? Will everyone stop talking in code?" said Alpha Gray huffing as he folded his arms.

Terrant glanced at Joseph who nodded. "All the secrecy, all the rumors, all the lies, and the blood pacts." He shifted his gaze back to the woman, "it wasn't just to protect your pack... it was to protect this. Protect your secret."

"What are you saying?" Alpha Black asked looking between the woman and Terrant.

Joseph decided to step in, "Everyone please allow me to introduce Christine Winters... Alpha of the Winters pack."

There was a full 10 second pause as everyone processed the new information. Then the shouting began.

"What do you mean?!"

"How is that possible?!"

"This is a joke and not a funny one!"

"You can't be serious Joseph?"

"Terrant did you know about this?!"

"What kind of trick are you trying to pull?!"

"Everyone calm down."

Terrant didn't listen to any of them. He just stood there watching the woman's reaction as the Alphas became more heated. It was difficult to tell as her eyes were covered by the dark sunglasses, but she appeared to be studying each angry face. Nothing that was yelled out appeared to affect her. Joseph was attempting to calm down the crowd when she suddenly threw up her fist and slammed it down on the table. The noise sounded like a gunshot followed by a long crack as the top of the the table splintered from one side to the other. Amazingly it didn't break in half but it did surprise the group into silence.

She brushed her hands off saying in a smooth causal voice. "Sorry about that Joseph."

Joseph looked more horrified than anyone. "That was a solid cedar table Chris!"

She smirked at Joseph and muttered "Now were even."

Joseph blushed slightly as she began to speak to the crowd of Alphas. "I understand that this is a hard concept to grasp. If you will let me, I would be happy to explain-"

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