Chapter 1- When Screaming Won't Wake You

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I stand in our front yard, not able to move and barely breathing as they come closer. Like a dark wave of seething anger, with every snarl, growl, and howl another person drops, none of them ever to move again. As I watch the horrific scene unfold, I am reminded of candles that get snuffed out and leave behind a lifeless hunk of wax. They were blown out as though the light had become an inconvenience. As though their lives were an inconvenience.

A still body lies just a few feet away. My stomach clenches as I see my sister's dark red hair spilled over her little face, matching the red stain on her abdomen and chest. Her eyes are closed, and the screaming doesn't wake her.

My screaming doesn't wake her.

"Run!" Justin shouts, pushing me, shoving me away from the darkness.
The darkness laughs as though this were merely a game, as though it enjoyed the kill. I hear the wave crash into Justin, and I watch as his light goes out.

I turn, and I am not longer in a meadow bathed with blood and filled with terrifying beasts. Instead, I am in a small bedroom, my bedroom, with a vial in my hand. The sliver liquid glinting innocently. I down it, welcoming the burning as it glides down my throat.
The liquid continues to burn me as it spreads through my veins. My vision shifts and next thing I know I am laying on the floor, the vial rolls out of my hand and I stare blearily at the door....waiting for my turn.

My heart hurts as it tries to thud open and close, pumping my poisoned blood through my dying body. My breathing slows, as my body tries to painfully, pull air in my lungs and back out again.

It won't be long now. My light will be blown out soon.

Suddenly, the door to the room crashes open. A maniacal laugh floods in and terror consumes me. I can't move. I can't run. The poison has paralyzed me. So I scream, ingesting the darkness as it pulls me under. I keep screaming....screaming...screaming until there is silence.

"Alpha!" A voice yelled in her dream shattering it into bits and pieces as she was violently pulled back into reality. She gasped as her eyes snapped open, taking in the dark room with a low glow from the fireplace and a dark figure bending closer to her across the bed. She immediately pushed the dark figure away, shoving it across the room. Where it fell with a loud thump as she rolled backwards off the bed. "Alpha!" The voice said again this time with alarm and concern. A light flicked on and Chris groaned wincing away from the bright light flooding the room, she finally recognized her Beta's voice.

"What! Why!? Why are you in my room?" She said lying on the floor with her hands covering her eyes. She had tried land in a crouch when she rolled off the bed, but the sheets were too tangled around her and she just ended up in a heap of blankets and sheets on the other side of the bed. Garrett moved around the bed stopping just out of reach in case she decided to continue with violence.

"There is a situation that needs your attention. I was coming to wake you and you were moaning in your sleep and then you stopped breathing."

Chris turned red and started attempting to get disentangled from the bedding. Finally she freed herself sitting on the edge of the bed; she put her head in her hands. "Chris?" She looked up at her Beta's concerned face.

"I'm fine.... Just a bad dream."

"Are your dreams suppose to stop your breathing?"

She sighed, "I'm not a doctor Garrett so how am I supposed to know." She stood up and walked towards the bathroom. "What time is it?"

"4:25 AM"

"So what is the emergency?" She said walking into the shower and turning on the water to heat up.

"Three pups are missing as of last night in Washington."

Garrett's tall muscular body was leaning against the bathroom door. His dark red hair was a contrast to his tan skin and dark black eyes. He was a few years older than Chris, and acted more like a big brother then her beta.

She sighed, "poachers."

"It looks that way." He said folding his arms.

"Where?" She said starting to pull her night shirt over her head. Garrett grunted uncomfortably. "If you don't want to see then go get the car ready. Make sure the pilot is informed and notify Gia to cancel my schedule for today."

"Yes Alpha." Garrett practically ran out of the room. Chris who was now undressed to her underclothes laughed quietly to herself. Garrett may be an imposing force but when it comes down to women he is beyond shy.

Chris continued undressing and stepped in the shower, quickly working soap and shampoo into her body and hair. She needed to leave as soon as possible. She got out 5 minutes later feeling refreshed and awake. Toweling off quickly she ran into her closet and picked out a black and dark green winter wereform outfit. She put on her winter boots and grabbed her snow jacket. Stopping at the vanity to put her hair up and put essentials in a small pack. She turned to leave when she got a look of herself in the mirror. Blue grey eyes stared back at her going over her long white hair, light tan skin with a fit hour glass body. She pursed her lips and then took a deep breath closing her eyes and letting it out again. She looked away slipping her shades on with a small smirk on her lips as she said to herself, 'I am Alpha.'

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