Chapter 9 part 1 "Hello Boys"

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Terrant walked slowly as he scanned the shelves of books. Finally he found a title that peaked his interest, 'Werewolves Physiology'. He took it off the shelf and started rifling through it thinking to himself that he must ask to borrow some books from Joseph before he goes back to his pack.

"You look incredibly happy for a person who is just giving himself more work." Joseph said lounging out in one of the arm chairs that was close to Terrants work table.

Terrant had taken up residence in Joseph's library since he arrived last night. He slept intermittently, on the books, but most of the time he was studying, still trying to find the answer to his question.

Joseph showed up in the morning with a large cup of coffee and a plate full of bacon. He was already showered and dressed to impress; his dark hair styled perfectly and a black suit cut and fitted to him. Underneath he wore a dark red long sleeve shirt and matched it with a black striped tie.

Joseph munched happily on his bacon as Terrant glanced over surprised that the suit Joseph was wearing didn't seem to wrinkle as he stretched out in the arm chair.

Terrant returned to his work table scanning through the book as he sat down. "Still no message from Alpha Winters?" Terrant asked Joseph without looking up from his book.

"I told you. I would let you know the second I get a response." Joseph sat up putting his empty plate on a side table. "You should probably go clean up. The other Alpha's are going to arrive within the hour."

Terrant grunted as Joseph stood up to walk out of the library. "I'm going to double check all the preparations. I will see you in the lobby at 10." Then he left with a click of the door shutting behind him.

Terrant closed the book and rubbed his eyes. Looking down at the table that was littered with notes, books, a laptop, and a tablet. Terrant started organizing the items into piles, mulling over all the information that he was able to find in the past few days; working on the question, 'How can rogues remain in a pack?'. He felt that if he understood how it was possible to keep them together he could find a way to pull them apart. So far they only had theories, and none of them could be tested without more information. He'd been studying every resource available and still felt no closer to an answer, in fact his attempts only brought more questions.

Terrant pulled the two large stacks of books into a pile at the corner of the table planning on bringing them home to study. He looked up at the clock and sighed, there were 30 minutes before he needed to be in the lobby to meet the Alphas'.

Walking out of the library to his room, his stomach started to do somersaults. He could tell that the nerves were mostly for his plan. Everything would fall apart if Alpha Winters refused to help them. Even the contingency plans were only subpar and had gaping holes in them. Terrant tried to shake off the negative vibes and focus on getting ready to meet the Alpha's.

Terrant met Joseph in the front lobby 20 minutes later. Freshly shaved, washed and dressed in a simple black suit with a white button up shirt. Even though Terrant went for a more simple style, compared to Joseph, he always made sure that his outfits were tailored to him.

Terrant stood next to Joseph by the door, fixing his cuff links. Joseph glanced at Terrant and gave a low whistle. "You clean up nicely, and your style is adequate. Be careful or you'll be the next latino heartthrob." Terrant tried to keep his face straight as he faced the front door. Joseph tsked at him, "Oh dear I should have let you raid my closet. That belt is atrocious."

Terrant rolled his eyes and glanced down at his belt. It was just a normal black leather belt with a silver buckle. Terrant faced the door saying, "I really don't want to have a discussion about the phrase 'raiding your closet'."

Joseph smirked, "Does it question your sexuality?"

Terrant shook his head and with a sober expression he said, "I just feel bad that I don't have anything in my closet you would consider 'raidable'."

Terrant heard a snort behind him, glancing back he saw Ian and Peter attempting to suppress laughter.

"Alpha Fairing, the first Alpha has arrived," said a male guard at the front door.

Immediately the atmosphere changed to a quiet seriousness. Terrant stood next to Joseph and their Beta's stood behind them.

Two male guards, immediately responding to the silent message from Joseph, opened the front doors and the first Alpha entered. Followed by his entourage.

Alpha Akihiro Amari entered the lobby and immediately approached the receiving party. He was a medium height and build, with dark black hair and light brown eyes. Akihiro was an older Alpha, with Japanese descent, approximately 90 years old, but looked to be in his late 30's. He bowed, Terrant and Joseph following suit. Terrant offered his hand and Akihiro smiled "I am pleased to be invited to the council." He shook Terrant's hand and then Joseph's. "Please allow me to introduce my Beta Jim Kim, and the head of the council, my uncle, Tomas Amari."

They all exchanged handshakes and introductions of their own Beta's. Terrant motioned next to him as he said, "Please follow Stacey; she will show you to your quarters." Stacey stepped forward and bowed, motioning for Alpha Amari to follow her. Their party went off whispering in Japanese as they went.

Next Scott Woodland came bounding in with his Beta Jack in tow. He was a large man with a gruff bearded face and light brown hair. Scott looked like a large friendly lumberjack. He shook Joseph's hand and hit him playfully on the other shoulder; almost knocking him over. Then he shook Terrant's hand asking how his family was and what was for lunch. Joseph showed them to the maid that was waiting to guide them to their room, and Scott left striking up a conversation with the nervous maid, his Beta following behind.

Terrant turned back to find the next Alpha had arrived. The front doors were now propped open and cars were lining up the drive to drop off their passengers. Terrant couldn't help but wonder if Alpha Winters was in the long line of vehicles.

Alexander Gray came in next. Joseph remembered their last meeting in his office where he dismissed his request to have his sister and her mate join his pack when they had already requested to join Terrant's pack. He shook Joseph's hand and then pulled him in close to whisper something in his ear. Joseph's eye twitched as he listened and then he pulled away smiling warmly. "I'm sure the room will be to your satisfaction. Luz will show you the way, and we will be meeting in half an hour."

Alexander gave an easy pompous smile and turned toward Terrant. Terrants family has been "friendly" with the Gray pack for a few generations. Terrant actually grew up with Alexander, however as they both got older and were given more responsibility Terrant found that Alexander was very stuck on his own self importance. To the point of ignoring the rest of his pack. If Terrant wasn't an Alpha, Alexander would have nothing to do with him. Terrant put on a friendly smile and shook his hand. "Glad to have you here Alpha Gray."

"Thank you." He looked down his nose at Terrant. " I hope you will have some time later. I would like to continue our discussion."

Terrant's gaze went hard and tilted his head as he received a silent message from Ian, 'don't let him bait you.'

With that reminder, Terrant smiled happily, ignoring the stuffy pompous expression crossing Alpha Gray's face. "Of course. Let's meet up later."

Alpha Gray sniffed and followed the maid; his Beta, and Luna following after him. Terrant took a deep breath shaking off his irritation as he received another silent message from Ian. 'Heads up! Alpha Hunt is here.'

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