Chapter 5 Part 2 Secrets Are for Keeping

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 Five minutes later she heard Frank come in the front doors with Dean. He led him down the hall and knocked on the door. "Come in!" Chris said drinking the last bit of her cocoa and putting the mug down.

Frank stepped in hauling Dean behind him and forcing him into a seat. "Wait! What!? I thought I was going to talk to the Rangers! What?-" He looked between Frank and Chris confusion and anger written all over his face.

"Thanks Frank. I will take it from here." Chris said pulling her boots off the desk and turning to face Dean.

Frank looked concerned as he moved to close the door, "I will be outside if you need me."

Chris nodded and the door was shut. She folded her arms and sat back in the chair. "Why am I talking to you Dean?"

Dean looked very disheveled, possibly from the beating she gave him and possibly from the part of his mind that was about to snap. "You are one. Aren't you?"

"One what Dean?"

He began shaking his head and pulling at his handcuffs, "Don't play that game with me. Everyone thought that he was crazy too!"

"You have to be specific if you want me to help you."

That was the last straw, Dean stood up and banged the desk with his cuffed fists. "You're a werewolf! Or a vampire! Or some sort of creature! You're NOT human! Is that what you want me to say! So you can lock me in the loony bin too!"

Chris smirked at him, "Sit down Dean."

"Don't tell me what to do. It is a conspiracy! And it is everywhere! That is why there are no rangers in here! They are in on it too! Are you the Mafia?!"

"If you keep talking like that then there is nothing I can do for you." Dean paused a small spark lit in his eyes and he slowly sat down, studying her as he did.

Chris took a deep breath and leaned back in the chair, "Now I am going to talk and you are going to listen without interrupting. I understand that you have some suspicions about me, and you have some pieces to a puzzle that don't exactly fit. Right now the rangers are outside going over all of the evidence I brought back, and getting testimony from your companions. You will be charged with hunting without a permit and trespassing on private property. I don't think there will be anything else unless you have some secrets in your luggage." Chris paused when Dean said nothing she continued, "So that will be it. Nothing more will happen. You do your time and get released, and that will be the end of it."

Chris then leaned forward, no smile on her face, her eyes turned cold and predatory. "However, if you feel like other people need to know about the little tidbits that you picked up, you will find yourself in a padded cell just like your friend Roger." Dean's eyes lit up in shock, Chris revealing that she knew exactly who Dean's poacher friend was because she was the reason he was in the mental hospital.

"Now I will give you a chance to do your time and to lead a normal life... hopefully crime free." Chris stood up and sent a silent message to Frank. "We are everywhere so trust me when I say that if you even whisper a word that sounds similar to our experience together, we will take care of you." Chris smiled cruelly at him as Frank entered the room. "I think we have reached an understanding. Frank, please take him back to be questioned."

Dean stood up and stopped at the door, "So everything else, poaching, kidnapping, assault will be dropped?"

Chris stood up, "No. It won't be dropped, because it never happened. We never met, and don't have any memories together. I suggest you live your life that way."

Frank pulled at Dean but he said, "So you don't exist?"

Chris tilted her head and grinned, "Whatever helps you sleep at night."

Frank pulled at Dean again and he moved quietly out of the office. Chris sent another silent message to Frank to let David know she was going to use his computer to take care of some business. Frank sent a message back 'he says that is fine, as long as you don't blue screen his computer'.

Chris chuckled as she opened her email and started answering the messages. She finished with her business email and continued to her pack email. She noticed at the top there was an email from her beta with the sub line ASAP. She was about to open it when she got a silent message from Frank. 'Alpha! I just turned on your phone and Beta Garrett has been trying to call you. He says it is urgent'.

Chris immediately signed out and cleared history. 'On my way'.

Outside Delta Frank was next to a large crate holding out her phone. Chris grabbed it, and put it to her ear.

"Alpha," She said.

"Alpha! I have been trying to get ahold of you for 2 hours! Where were you?"

"I have been on a mountain Garrett. Why didn't you send a silent message down the line to Frank?" Silent messages between pack members can only be sent if both members are within a 5 mile radius of each other. This isn't always the best way to communicate especially over long distance, however, Chris put in emergency protocol to send messages out to all the Deltas if she was ever in a area that she couldn't be reached. It was like the telephone game, until someone responded with the area that the Alpha was in.

"I did. That is how Delta Frank knew to turn on your phone. We have some new information that requires your immediate attention."

"What is it, Garrett?" She heard muffled noises and a female voice in the background. "Is that Gia?"

"It is not safe to say over the phone, but it has to do with your favorite rogue." Chris almost dropped her phone, her face going pale and still.

"What is it?" Frank said concern in his voice.

"I'm on my way." She ended the call. "Frank, I need you to get me to the airport now. Call the pilot and tell him that we take off as soon as I get there."

Frank nodded, noting the tone of her voice, he did not question her as he pulled out his phone and called the pilot. Chris shifted her attention to the crate which had started whining.

She pulled the cover off and found the brother pup inside. 'What am I going to do with you', she thought through the link. The pup yipped and turned in circles in excitement.

"Alpha! A car is being brought around." Frank said coming up to her side and looking in the crate. The pup circled again and yipped at Frank. "What do you want to do with the brother wolf? The other pups said that it was an orphan."

Chris remained silent, studying the brother wolf. She sighed as her wolf hummed in approval. She scratched his head as they waited for the car.

The black sedan pulled up 5 minutes later. "Alpha? Time to go."

Chris took one more look at the pup and pulled the lock off the hinges and opening the crate.

"Alpha!?" Frank said startled, looking around to make sure no humans were in the area.

"Tell David that I will take care of the pup, and call Gia, tell her to get a collar." Chris pulled her sunglasses out of her bag and put them back on.

"A dog collar?" Frank said in disgust.

"He will need it, if we are ever around humans." The pup immediately followed Chris to the car.

"Anything else, Alpha?" Frank said holding the car door as she slipped in and motioned for the brother pup to follow her.

"Everyone needs to be on stand by," Chris said, the pup leaped over Chris into the next seat. Frank nodded and shut the door tapping it, and the car started moving down the mountain.

Chris looked out the window her mind running through all the facts and figures, the pup laid down in the seat next to her and put his head in her lap.

"Faster," she told the driver. He looked in the rearview mirror and nodded. Immediately increasing their speed.

Her favorite rogue was coming. After all these years of waiting, and preparing, he finally showed up again. Her favorite rogue.... Trawley.

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