Chapter 10 Part 3 Feminine Wiles

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Alpha Hunt spoke up, "I have a question for Alpha Winters." Chris turned toward the cold pale face. "Are any of the rumors true? I mean we have been hearing how you became Alpha, but since you have been Alpha there have been many rumors that... forgive me, sound almost impossible."

Chris opened her mouth to respond when Alpha Gray cut in. "Did you make up the rumors? You have been implying that you were male for over a decade..." Alpha Gray paused smirking at Chris, "It would make sense, if these rumors were as accurate as your questionable gender."

Chris had many delightfully, unlady like curses that she wanted to throw at the pompous face of Alpha Gray, but instead she smiled icily at him. "I can assure you all, that I did not spread any rumors myself. Rumors are just that... rumors."

"Ha! I knew it!" shouted Alpha Gray pointing at Chris in triumph.

"That doesn't mean they are not true... they just might be... not as true as you expect them to be." Alpha Gray opened his mouth to respond and Chris cut him off loudly. "So, if you have any particular rumors that you would like me to lay to rest... I would be happy to do so."

"I heard you defeated three packs." Alpha Black said.

"I heard your army has over 5,000 wolves." Said Alpha Woodland.

"I heard you have relations with fairies and demons." Said the Alpha Intent.

"I heard that you have a harem of female wolves." Alpha Hunt said with a smirk. "I suppose we can mark that one as false."

"Actually that one is true." Chris said in a matter of fact tone. There was stunned silence and Alpha Hunt looked shocked, forcing Chris to prompt, "that was a joke." Chris heard a snort next to her as Alpha Terrant attempted to hold in his laughter. Chris smiled at the group. "To all the other rumors mentioned the answer is yes." Chris saw a look of surprise and confusion run across the Alphas faces.

"....yes?" Alpha Gray said slowly his face appeared to be turning an ashen gray color.

Chris turned to face him. "Since becoming Alpha I have defeated 3 separate packs, my army is over 5,000 wolves, and due to the extent of my pack land I have had to make nice with.... All creatures in it."

Silence, again, as all the Alphas processed this information. Then loud, mocking laughter came from Alpha Freeman. "Sure! I'm sure that is true. I am sure that 12 years is long enough to claim such an outrageous feat! Especially for someone who was only 15 and had no formal training, and only started out with 200 wolves. Yeah! Of course!"

"Will you shut up!" Everyone looked around to see Alpha Amari standing glaring at Alpha Freeman. "You mock and mock this person because your accomplishments have not been so great! I understand why she didn't want to come today. It is because of bull head men like you. Maybe if you shut up and listen you will understand." Alpha Freeman sat there in complete shock. "She has not even finished with her story." Alpha Amari sat back down and motioned to Chris. "I would like to hear what happened after you became Alpha. That way we may be able to understand the great accomplishments you have told us."

Chris looked around the table. everyone seemed eager to hear her, except for Alpha Freeman who was looking sullen for being shut down, and Alpha Gray who was looking like he might be sick. She felt nervous again, this time it felt different as they all looked up at her patiently waiting for her to speak.

She put her hands on the table not expecting to get this far into the story, clearing her throat she began again. "After I phased for a second time, I was immediately accepted by my small pack of 212 wolves. We began to rebuild and reform the pack. I knew immediately that my pack would not survive without more members... so we did what no one else had done. We started recruiting. Most of our members where cast offs from other packs. Some were cast out and labeled criminals for the most ridiculous reasons. Our numbers began to swell and that is when I decided to make changes from the traditional pack. I started a business to help provide for my pack, which quickly grew and has become very well known in the human and wolf communities. Shortly after that I attracted the attention of Alpha Smoke, who had a large neighboring pack to the West. He began to study my pack and as soon as he found out I was female he attacked. After the massacre of the Winters pack I ensured that, under my new regime, my pack was well prepared in every possible way. We defeated him soundly with few casualties on our part."

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