Chapter 8 Part 1 "Haven't you had enough?"

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Chris held on tight as she turned her body towards the next tree. She readied herself, crouching on the branch. Then pushing off from the tree, flying between branches, and out into the open autumn air. She slams into the next tree, using the momentum, immediately pulling herself around the tree and pushing off to the next tree.

Chris continued flying through the woods, 50 feet above the ground. Every now and then she would partially shift either her hands to claws or her feet and legs to her more powerful wolf form. Shifting just long enough to push or pull herself faster and further. Pushing herself, her breath came harder and faster as she strained her screaming muscles to move quicker. Chris was flying so fast through the canopy that she didn't realize she had made it to the Tower.

The Tower was a grouping of five large trees with platforms at different levels. All the platforms were connected through rope bridges, ladders, swings, and pulleys. The fifth, and largest, tree was in the middle of the other four with a large platform high above the others called the King's Landing. It was used for the game King of the Tower. Normally the Tower is covered in different military groups in a training session. However, Chris planned on coming during lunch, no one was around.

Leaping out she grabbed a rope which swung her onto one of the lower platforms. As soon as she hit the platform her body crumpled from exhaustion, her breathing was heavy and her vision was waving in and out. Her wolf growled in distress, 'You shouldn't have pushed so hard.' Chris finally slowed her breathing and pushed herself up to a sitting position with her back against the tree. She lay there enjoying the euphoric feeling of endorphins, adrenaline, and exhaustion.

Ten minutes later she heard a male voice cursing as he slammed into a tree. She laughed out loud, which started another stream of cursing aimed at her. Chris started to stretch her sore arms and legs, as she watched a black figure leap from one tree to the next. He missed a step and just barely grabbed the branch swinging himself up again. He used a rope ladder to climb across to the outer tree directly across from her. He plopped down on the lower platform facing her with his long legs dangling off the edge.

Chris grinned, "that was close, you almost became a doggie pancake."

Joseph wiped the sweat off his forehead and smirked, "if only getting rid of me was that easy." He rolled his shoulders and stretched his arms as he looked around at the very large tree house. "So how did I do?"

Chris stood up and stretched her back, "for that only being your second time tree running. It wasn't that bad, but I know 12 year olds who are quieter than you." She matched his smirk, "It sounded like you hit every single branch on your way over."

"I probably would have broken bones if it wasn't for this armour." He pulled at the black material and grinned up at Chris. "I really like it... It shows off my abs really nicely."

Chris rolled her eyes, "Yes that is what we are looking for when testing these prototypes. Whether it makes your abs look more appealing." Chris was wearing one of the dark blue wereform prototypes and Joseph was wearing a black one. They had been testing the armour all day. Running through different obstacle courses, shifting back and forth between forms, and sparring with each other with and without weapons.

A wereform outfit is made of stretchable fibers; like spandex, except more durable. When werewolves wear them in human form they look like form fitting workout gear. When they shift from human to wolf the wereform is able to shift with them. It makes the wolf look like it's wearing clothes. After years of tweaking the wereform they have been able to make armour that protects in human and wolf forms. Chris along with a team of designers started making them when she first became Alpha, and after 9 years the industry has grown to be able to produce mass amounts for her pack and others.

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