Chapter 10 Part 2 Feminine Wiles

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Chris Winters stared across the broken table at all the Alphas. She pushed down her nerves and fears behind a pretty mask as she opened her mouth to begin. Then a loud noise next to her almost made her jump out of her skin. Alpha Terrant appeared to be having a sneezing fit. He took the offered tissue and motioned for her to continue.

Chris smirked. "Well before I start... bless you," she said to Terrant who smiled back as he kept the tissue pressed to his nose. Chris looked back at the group of Alphas and felt like a stone had fallen into her stomach. There was so much power in the men sitting in front of her, it was almost suffocating. She blinked for a second to pull herself back into the here and now.

"My father was Jeremiah Winters, the previous Alpha of the Winters pack. Twelve years ago the Winters pack was a modest pack with a small area of land. My older brother was Alpha Intent and I was to be the temporary Luna until my brother's mate was found." Alpha Gray opened his mouth, but was shushed by the Alphas around him. Chris continued, "I had just turned 15 when word reached us of a pack of rogues led by a psychopath named Trawley." Alpha Terrant along with a few others who recognized the name fidgeted in their chairs, but remained silent. "As I said, our pack was small compared to the other packs surrounding us. My father figured we would be targeted and requested help from the other packs.... No one came..." Chris allowed a moment of silence as she pulled her emotions even tighter around herself. Not allowing herself to think about the words that were coming out of her mouth she started relaying robotically. "Our pack was little prepared to handle the ferocity and inhumane attack of Trawley and his rogues. The Winter's pack was massacred. 865.... Wolves including my Father, Mother, older brother and younger sister were slaughtered.... Men, women, children.... Anyone who was in reach was killed instantly and violently."

Chris took a moment to allow her words to sink in. Some Alphas appeared to show sympathy, while others hide behind a blank face and others showed outright indifference. Chris took a breath and continued, "in the end only 216 survived....including me. We started the burying rights immediately." Chris blinked furiously as the images that had been threatening to break through started to replay in her head. Shout of her father, dead hazel eyes of her brother, her mother's red hair, failing to protect her sister, then lines of endless coffins, lines of endless graves. "Everyone in my pack was too overcome with grief to argue about who would take over the pack. Two weeks passed after the burial ceremony and as the new moon reached its peak, I phased for a second time."

There was an audible gasp by a few Alphas and their Betas, some grunted in disbelief, and some sat so still they looked to be statues. "Apparently that is the best kept secret, right? You cannot be an Alpha unless you phase into an Alpha." Alpha Gray shook his head and sneered. Alpha Freeman just looked shocked. "Wish it wasn't such a secret because no one in my pack knew what was happening, and I was positive I was going to die. After 5 days-"

"Five days!? Your phasing took five days?!" said the Alpha Intent.

"I have never heard of an Alpha phasing taking so long," whispered Alpha Hunt. His sharp cold eyes monitoring Chris's every move.

"Neither have I." Alpha Gray chimed in, "sounds like a sham."

A throat cleared silencing all the grumbling. Alpha Amari spoke up. "My phase into Alpha concluded on the fifth day. Many packs use herbs and remedies that allow the phasing to proceed faster and allow for less pain. If you phase without the assistance of herbs it can take twice as long to phase and be...extraordinarily painful."

"Thank you Alpha Amari," Chris said bowing slightly which he returned. "Yes, I have done research in regards to the second phasing and some packs use herbs as a tradition, but there are many packs that use the second phase as a test and do not allow any herbs or remedies."

Alpha Black raised his voice, "So are you telling me that you survived a second phasing... for five days... at the age of 15?"

There was a pause as everyone looked back at Chris for her response. "Yes, that is what I am saying."

There was noises of disbelief, and a loud snort heard from Alpha Gray. "Eh! You!" Alpha Hernandez said loudly pointing at Alpha Gray across the table. "You snort like dat again. I kick you outside with da other pigs."

After a second of surprise Alpha Gray rolled his eyes. "I would like to see you try, bulldog."

Alpha Hernandez stood up suddenly and Alpha Gray followed suit yelling at each other across the table. Other Alphas started to join in on the shouting and yelling. Chris shared a looked with Joseph who was watching the show completely content in allowing them fight it out.

Terrant stood up next to Chris, "Stop!" Everyone paused looking up at him. "We are not here to settle petty feuds. If you forgot we are listening to Alpha Winters story, and you are being very rude." Terrant glared at Alpha Gray and Alpha Hernandez who slowly sank back in their seats. "Now I would like to ask Alpha Winters a question." Alpha Terrant turned towards Chris his face pulled down as though he was fighting an urge to sneeze again. "We are trying to find out how you became an Alpha. My question is... after the massacre was there anyone else in the Alpha bloodline who survived?"

Chris's eyes widened in surprise only Alpha Terrant wouldn't be able to see that because of her shades. "Only me."

Terrant nodded as he sank back in his seat, "which is possibly the reason you phased into the Alpha."

Chris nodded, "yes."

"Would you mind sharing with the rest of the class?" Alpha Hunt scoffed.

Terrant ignoring Alpha Hunts jab, and turned to the rest of the group. "It is just a theory. One with poor evidence as Alpha Winters the only case study," he gestured at Chris."The idea is that everyone of the Alpha bloodline was killed except for Alpha Winters, and since there was enough wolves to still be considered a pack she was the only one who could phase into an Alpha."

There was a pause as everyone digested this information. Alpha Woodland spoke up, "If what you are saying is true... then that means there could be others? Other female Alphas?"

"Potentially... yes."

"Are you saying our daughters could become Alphas?" said Alpha Amari sitting up straighter in his chair.

Terrant considered for a second and then stated factually. "There is not enough evidence to say for sure, but it is a possibility."

"No! No! NO! That is not how the Goddess made us!" Shouted Alpha Freeman. "There is a reason why there is an Alpha and a Luna; not some female Alpha and a... what would be the male version of a Luna?"
"Luno?" suggested the Alpha intent.

"Lun?" said Alpha Woodland. Which started a group guessing game that had Chris rolling her eyes behind her shades.

"Lunar?" someone else said.

"What if the title has nothing to do with the moon?"


"What do the ancient texts say?"


"This has nothing to do with-"


"Why don't we call it Bob." Everyone stopped to look at Alpha Black. "Seems pretty ridiculous to give something a title when there isn't actually anyone to give a title to... Unless, Alpha Winters has a mate?"

Another shift as all the Alphas looked back at Chris, "my mate is dead." She said stonily.

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