Chapter 9 Part 2 "Hello Boys"

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Terrant looked at the front door where a very tall wolf was staring directly at him. Samuel Hunt was a very powerful Alpha. He didn't control a lot of land but he had almost twice as many wolves in the same area. He controlled many of the big city areas from Vegas all the way to LA. He smirked as he stepped through the door his long black coat billowing behind him and two thug bouncer looking wolves following his heels. Samuel had shoulder length blonde hair that was pulled half back away from his face. His skin was so white he looked like a hollywood twilight vampire, except for his eyes which were a deep black. He held an air of confidence as he first greeted Joseph, shaking his hand and commenting on his fine suit.

Joseph's good nature took the overpowering personality in stride. Terrant was always awed with how Joseph handled even the most difficult wolf. As Joseph was introducing Peter, Terrant stepped forward to greet Alpha Hunt.

Samuel's dark eyes focused on Terrant studying his every move; reminding Terrant of a snake watching its prey before striking. He pushed the thought aside and met Samuel's challenging stare with his own. "Ah! Logan. I mean Terrant. Good to see you again." Terrant's wolf growled in his head but didn't flinch at the rudeness of calling him by his first name.

Among werewolves it is considered rude to call a wolf of rank by his first name without his title, unless you have agreed to friendly terms. Terrant was definitely not on friendly terms with Alpha Hunt which means he was intentionally disrespecting his claim as Alpha.

Ian glared daggers at Alpha Hunt, and Joseph looked surprised at the rude gesture. He was about to speak when Terrant cut him off, "forgive me Samuel. I didn't realize that we were on friendly terms." He grasped Alpha Hunt's hand in a way that said they were anything but friendly. Gesturing behind him Terrant continued, "come this way. Charlotte will show you, your suite, and we will send someone to retreive you for the meeting."

Alpha Hunt smirked, "I so look forward to your presentation. I hope you have everything prepared."

Terrant smiled easily, "I'm sure it won't disappoint." With a last haughty glare Samuel followed Charlotte down the hall his thugs keeping pace. Terrant's wolf was seething, as he turned around to see Joseph, Peter, and Ian watching him warily.

"What?" Terrant asked.

Joseph grinned, "impressive. No angry tirade or challenging him to a duel... very impressive."

Terrant shook his head. "Being angry would just prove the point Alpha Hunt was trying to make."

"Which is?" Ian asked.

"That I don't deserve to be Alpha." Terrant glanced down the hall, "and dueling him would not help anyone. It could go so far as him not agreeing to the war council."

"I'm just saying that you must have done something to him in another life; because there is no explanation for him to hate you so much." Ian said turning back to the front door as the next group arrived.

Terrant didn't understand it either. The animosity appeared to be unfounded. 'Maybe we unintentionally insulted him.' His wolf thought as Terrant turned back to greet the next party.

The next group was Grayson Black and his Beta Rider Black. They're brothers who are over all the wolves within Native American reservations. They shook Joseph and Terrants hand warmly which is when Terrant realized they were only wearing a loose pair of pants, and no shoes.

"Glad you two could make it. Did you run here?" Joseph asked. The brothers looked more like twins. Both tall with long dark hair and chiseled features, so when they looked at each other and smirked it was like looking at a reflected image.

"We weren't too far," said Grayson...or was that Rider? Terrant only met them a few days ago on their reservation, to invite them to the war council. He found their leading style to be quite amazing. They both actually seemed to share the role of Alpha and Beta interchangeably. However, when asked they both would only accept their own title.

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