Chapter 11 Part 3 Typical Fainting

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Chris could tell Terrant had been practicing with Joseph. He was very close to getting her caught in a hold a couple of times. Thankfully she is smaller than the normal male and was able to slip out with minimal resistance.

Chris was very impressed. Normally by now her sparring partner would be very frustrated that she was moving or slipping out of their grasp, but Terrant just countered and reset. Never letting any emotion or reaction pass over his face. He was eerily calm as he watched her for any mistakes or slip-ups. All his defense had offense movements paired with them. It made his fighting sneaky and surprising. After 15 minutes neither of them were able to take advantage of the other or find any weaknesses.

She began wondering about their conversation so far. He was obviously very smart, was he trying to use her? What was his angle? He wanted to be friends... or friendly? They pulled away from each other, both parties breathing hard. They began circling each other again, watching for the slightest break in their stance. She couldn't tell if she could trust him. She didn't know him well enough to tell if this whole persona was a facade. She did trust Joseph, but that didn't mean Terrant didn't have an agenda.

'Stop it!' she said to her wolf, who was becoming very fond of Terrants physical appearance. She had to admit he was very... well... 'sexy' her wolf said. Terrant smirked. He was very fit and appeared to have gotten the best features from both the Latino and Asian sides of his family. However, the one thing she couldn't get past was his eyes. Dark and mysterious, very active, constantly moving, watching, and noticing everything. It was very... distracting.

He came at her again and she blocked him. They had been actively sparring for almost 30 minutes now and Terrant didn't seem tired at all. The words he said kept reverberating in her head, 'I think we need to get to know each other.' Why? Is it just because she is the only female Alpha? Or is there some other reason? He said she was fascinating, but what exactly did he find fascinating?

'Maybe he likes you.' Her wolf said.

Chris huffed, 'Yes and that worked so well for us last time.'

She attacked Terrant and he blocked immediately followed by a feint to the left. She followed it and was pulled into a hold. He was spooning her with both of his arms reaching across her body, holding her arms in place. "You seem distracted Chris." He said in her ear, sparks ran up her spine. She made a valiant effort to free herself, which only caused Terrant to tighten his hold. "What does your wolf think of our potential friendship?"

He shifted his head away from her. She then realized this is the closest they have been this whole sparring match. He is worried he is going to have another coughing fit, so he is pulling his head away from her. Pulling her head around she pushed her hair right in his face. "How long can you hold your breath Terrant?" she said as he struggled to move away from her. Finally, he took a breath in and another coughing fit erupted. Immediately he let her go and she pushed away from him staying a good 10 feet away, waiting for him to recover.

He was finally able to gain control again, shaking his head, with a very serious look. "That was a mean trick."

"Use every weapon in your arsenal," Chris said crouching down into her fighting stance.

Terrant smirked, but this time it was different, his smirk wasn't playful it looked dangerous. 'Finally, we are getting under his skin,' Chris thought to her wolf, who growled in approval.

Chris felt a weird spike of energy up her spine as they circled each other. She tried to shake it off, but she could feel it begin building in her chest, her heart rate spiked and she attacked. Terrants eyes widened as she forced him back, defending himself from the speed of her swings. He tried to counter around her but she followed him furiously, barely allowing him to defend himself. She kept at him pushing him back, her heart was hurting in her chest.

The room shifted and he got away, the room shifted again, and now he was coming at her. She could barely counter him as her vision started going in and out. Then as though in slow motion his fist pulled up and cocked back ready to clock her right between the eyes, she didn't know where her hands were any more, she couldn't pull them up. She called to her wolf to help but she was scrambling with Chris's body which refused to respond to either of them.

The room tilted one more time and she felt herself starting to crumble under gravity's weight. She never felt the strike of his fist or the impact of the floor.

Everything was black before she hit the ground. 

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Hi all! I am adding this because I feel bad about not being able to push the next part through until the end of finals. SO I have been asked a lot about Omega's and who or how and what.... just questions.  So I thought I would give the hungry reader a little extra. You will be learning all of this later I just thought a little taste to satisfy your curiosity would help ease the hate of not getting more parts. 

Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet. I understand that up to this point everyone knows omegas as the lowest level or ranking in a pack. This is not true for my story. Ranking in my world (at the moment is as follows) Alpha, Beta, Delta, and everyone else. Sometimes they will make another rank to accommodate numbers or certain groups but in my... uh, world... this is the ranking. Omega is its own separate ranking that doesn't fit in the norm.

Werewolves are not magic-wielding beings. Their magic is within their blood which allows them to shift into their alternate self. There are wolves that are stronger, faster, able to live longer, but none of them are able to wield magic. EXCEPT for omegas. Omegas happen when a werewolf and another magic-wielding being makes a baby. Every time the child will possess some special magical ability. It is very rare, like extraordinarily rare for a werewolf to have a mate who is magic-wielding being, so in that regard Omegas themselves are rare. 

Now, why they are called Omega is because a long time ago, a General found a young man who was in possession of the ability that became known as the Golden Wolf. The General didn't understand what he was and trained him in secret, the boy's powers were so great and devastating the General agreed to use them as last resort. Eventually, the tides turned in battle and the General was faced with complete annihilation or using his secret weapon. He used the boy to save his pack and win the war. Then ranked the boy and all others after him Omega, the last resort. 

There is more that involves what happened after Omegas were discovered. Most of it is horrible but I won't divulge that now. Anyway, hope this cleared some things up. 

Thanks for reading! Leave me any questions or comments if you're still confused.

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