Chapter 5- Part 1 Secrets are for Keeping

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Chris sat in the forest rangers office. Her legs up on the desk sipping some strong hot chocolate and leaning back in the office chair. She had brought the unconscious men into the nearest ranger station, strapped to one of the snowmobile trailers. They were still out of it when she had arrived. Chris had ordered Barney to follow her down the mountain and now he was laying on top of Stan, growling at anyone who came too close.

Her Delta in the area, Frank, came up to her when she got off the snowmobile with a look of relief and surprise on his face.

"Alpha Winters, I am glad you made it back safely. The pups are back and safe with their parents. I was under the impression that we were going to see some action as well."

Chris smirked at Frank, as he motioned for some pack warriors to take the poachers off and send them to medical. He looked in his late 30's and had a gruff handsome exterior, with watery blue eyes and light brown hair. He was a Delta over the Northwest region of the Winter packs land. "Sorry I couldn't save some for you, it was easier to take them all out then have to track them down again. How's the wife?" Chris started walking to the cabin, Frank following her step.

"Great! We are expecting our 4th in May."

"I heard that. Congratulations! Let me know when the shower is."

He chuckled, "You would never be able to make it. You're too busy, and understandably so."

Chris wrinkled her nose in irritation; her schedule was pretty chaotic. "Well I can at least send a nice gift."

Frank patted Chris's shoulder. "You can't be everywhere Alpha. I was surprised that you showed up for this instead of sending us out."

Chris wiped her eyes in exhaustion, "lost pups are everyone's problem."

They entered the cabin and immediately a group of 4 forest rangers stopped talking, and just stared at them. Chris stepped forward, "where is David?".

One of the rangers pointed to the left and down the hall. Chris sent a brief silent mental message to Frank who turned on his heel and left out the door to check on the prisoners. She walked quickly past the rangers to David's office. Hearing one whisper to the others, "I hear she is special ops, and David calls her in sometimes because he saved her or something."

Chris smirked again as she knocked on the office door. "Come in!"

She entered, closing the door behind her. David was the head of the ranger office and also happened to be close friends with her pack. He was also one of the few humans who knew about her kind, they had a symbiotic relationship. He was a tall gangly man in his mid-thirties with freckled skin, dark blonde hair, and green eyes. He was also very buff from climbing mountains all day. He stood up and shook Chris's hand.

"Well, How are you doing Chris? Sorry I wasn't able to meet you when you came in. We had another situation with illegal fireworks that set a house on fire." He sat down at his desk and motioned Chris to take a seat. Chris sat down heavily and leaned back.

"Doing as well as can be expected, however, I find that I am getting an awful lot of calls because of poachers lately. Dean knew who I was."

David grimaced and started typing on his computer. After a second he pulled the screen around for Chris to see. "This the guy? Dean Pravitt?".

Chris looked at the picture that matched the mountain man's face. "That's him. He said that there was someone in Canada that was interested in the pups. Said he was a collector?" David pulled the screen around and did some more clicking.

"I'm not seeing anyone with that alias or anyone that is associated with Dean."

"Hmm, Alright then, when you question them see if you can get some more information, and let me know." Chris got up to leave, "I have to get back but-" She paused for a second as Frank just sent her another silent mental message. "Apparently I am staying. Dean is threatening to reveal everything he saw."

David had a look of surprise, "did you-".

"No, David I didn't-" She paused looking at the door, "expose myself."

David took the hint and stood up, "What do you want Stubbins?!" A bang was heard as someone bumped their head into the door, then it slowly pulled open.

"Uh, sir. I was just-um..."

"You must be wanting trail patrol tonight." Stubbins face turned white.

"Oh no sir I was just-"

"Trail Patrol, tonight. Next time you want to listen in on my private conversations you will get it for a month. Understood?"

Stubbins face turned red and he nodded. "Yes, sir".

"Dismissed." Stubbins closed the door quickly and practically ran down the hall. "I wish I could tell you that your secrets are safe with me, but there is only so much I can cover." David stood up and came around the desk, "And you keep appearing, everyone is starting to get suspicious."

Chris stood up and walked around his desk to sit in his chair. "Just keep up the rumors but don't confirm anything," She sat down and leaned back putting her feet on the desk. "Frank is bringing Dean in for.... Persuasion."

David rolled his eyes. "I will have someone bring you a hot drink, and then I will have all my rangers leave to sort the evidence."

Chris smiled up at David as he grabbed his ranger hat and coat. "You're the best Dave!"

He grunted in response and left the room, barking orders at the rangers sitting around the office. Chris listened to them scuttle around, one of them came in with a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

"I'm sorry the coffee maker is on the fritz, the Captain said that you would like this better anyway." He set it down in front of Chris, who lazily picked it up and took a sip.

"Thank you, uh?"

"John... Trapper" He smiled at her, "is there anything else I can get you." Chris had an idea that he didn't just mean marshmallows for her drink.

She smiled back, holding in her laughter, "No thank you, Trapper. I'm fine."

He smiled and turned to leave, but just before he closed the door he turned back and blurted out, "You know you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. You are so exotic looking. I just-" He seemed lost for words.

Chris couldn't blame him, with her long silver white hair, tan skin, and grey blue eyes, she was definitely.... Exotic.

She took a sip of her cocoa and let him stew for a moment, his face turning red as he mumbled an apology. "Thank you Trapper, if you are wondering if I am available, I am sorry to say that my job doesn't give me that luxury."

He seemed defeated and ducked out of the room. Chris heard his footsteps down the hall and out the front door. 'That was sufficiently awkward', her wolf thought. Chris hummed in agreement as she took another sip of her cocoa.

"Such is our love life" Chris thought back. Poor guy, he was pretty good looking for a human.

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