Chapter 10 Part 4 Feminine Wiles

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Chris smirked at Terrant noting to herself he was not just 'book smart'. "I understand that 13,000 is a large number. However, you have to understand that I did not take that all on at once. That number has built over the years and I have become... use to the side effects." Alpha Freeman shook his head and Alpha Gray had a horrible smirk on his face. "In fact after today I will begin burning the contracts as there is no point in keeping my secret any longer."

"Well I have had just about enough of this fun distraction." Alpha Gray said standing up with a smarmy smile on his face. "So let's get down to business. I disagree with allowing-" Alpha Gray cleared his throat before continuing. "Alpha Winters in the council, and I want to put it up to a vote."

Chris's face turned stoney, and Joseph rolled his eyes. Before Chris could counter, Alpha Freeman stood up. "I second Alpha Gray." He turned toward Chris looking down on her. "Even though your story seems to be truthful in some sense. I don't find you trustworthy. Alpha Hunt agrees as well."

Alpha Hunt stretched his arms lazily above his head and with a noncommittal face he shrugged. "I don't agree one way or another."

Alpha Gray looked shocked, "I thought you didn't want her-"

"I never said that... I am very curious what a female Alpha can do that a male cannot." He leaned forward with a cold smile focused on Chris. "I look forward to testing it out." Even though the words appeared harmless Chris felt like it was more of a threat. Her wolf growled at the challenge. Alpha Hunt glanced across the table at Alpha Terrant, who was looking bored again. He narrowed his eyes and said, "I'm sure Alpha Terrant would be more than willing to test your prowess."

Terrant glanced back at Alpha Hunt lazily and plastered a fake smile on his face. "If it would make the council feel more comfortable I would be more than willing to 'test' Alpha Winters fighting prowess." Then his voice turned sarcastic. "But since no one else in the council has to jump through hoops. It sounds rather sexist. Doesn't it?" Alpha Hunt glared at Alpha Terrant who went back to examining the rings on the broken table.

"I call for a vote!" Said Alpha Gray loudly attempting to draw the attention back to him.

"Talking about sexist," muttered Alpha Black.

"What did you say?" Alpha Gray countered angrily.

"Stop with the pretenses. We all know that your reason for calling a vote is simply because Alpha Winters is female." Alpha Black said, glaring at Alpha Gray and Alpha Freeman.

The Alpha intent appeared to be shrinking in embarrassment as his father made a strangled noise of offense before yelling back, "I am not sexist! I do not trust Alpha Winters to carry out her part in this council!"

"So your decision would not change if Alpha Winters was male?" asked Alpha Woodland pulling at his beard and watching curiously.

"No it would not!"

"You are going to eat those words," whispered Joseph.

"You should talk Joseph! You knew who she was this whole time and you still suggested she be a part of the council." countered Alpha Gray his eyes blazing with fury.

Before Joseph could reply Alpha Hernandez cut in. "If I chose who dis better for dis council Alpha Winters win over you. Ganan por cierto!"

Alpha Gray's eyes turned black, and his breathing became ragged as he let out a very wolf like snarl.

Before Alpha Hernandez could retaliate Joseph stood up claiming everyone's attention. "Alphas please! I did not make this room wolf proof and the poor table cannot handle any more abuse. Let's all calm down." The combination of Joseph's good nature and humor brought Alpha Gray down to a human level. His eyes returned to normal and he settled for turning his nose up at Alpha Hernandez as he sat down.

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