Chapter 11 Part 1 Typical Fainting

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 Terrant woke with his cheek vibrating. He groggily reached under his pillow to find the offending buzzing. He pulled out his phone and pressed the side button. The noise and vibrating immediately stopped and the face of the phone lit up. 6 AM. Terrant groaned silently as he buried his head in the pillow.

The meeting went until 1 AM, last night before he called a halt. His nerves were beyond frayed from having to deal with all the arguing that happened yesterday. After Alpha Winters joined their group the meeting should have been planning transport, food, resources, and handing out assignments instead, it became a lot of petty arguments. Terrant rolled over on his back and stared up at the ceiling.

At the latest Terrant expected them to be finished by 9 PM.... at the latest. However, every single thing pertaining to Alpha Winters was put into question by Alpha Gray and Alpha Freeman. Terrant sighed as he recalled the argument that broke out because of the Pack Healers.

"We can have them all meet at Pack City along with the other officers. My Head Healer is planning a presentation for a plan of action and some training so everyone follows the same protocols." Chris said pulling a few papers towards her as she made notes in a red spiral notebook.

It was already past dinner time and the broken table currently had lists, maps, and stacks of folders littered all over it. Cups of fluid and snack wrappers were islands among the sea of paperwork. The whiteboard that was brought in had maps, tactics, and numbers written in multiple colors. Terrant could tell that patience was thinning. He almost groaned out loud when he heard a familiar tsk.

Chris kept writing in her notebook, ignoring Alpha Gray completely. He tsked louder making Alpha Black look up with a dark glare that threatened violence. Alpha Gray cleared his throat while staring at Chris who was still making notes. He cleared his throat even louder which got her attention. Chris paused in her writing and looked up, "Alpha Gray do you have a cold?"

Alpha Gray looked confused at the question. "No, of course not."

"Well then, perhaps a drink of water will help that throat." She said pointing with her red pen at the glass of water in front of Alpha Gray. Immediately she returned to writing in her notebook. Terrant caught Joseph's eye, he smiled obviously enjoying the very confused expression on Alpha Grays face.

"Alpha Winters?" Said Alpha Gray sounding annoyed.

"Yes, Alpha Gray?" Chris said continuing to write.

"Why would your pack host the Healers? And why should my Healers train with your Healers?" Alpha Black started banging his head against the table.

Chris paused, her head moving slightly from side to side reviewing her notes, still wearing the dark shades. "For the same reason we decided all the military be brought to my pack." She started writing again, not bothering to look up as she continued talking. "My pack land is bigger and can accommodate the numbers. Also, the Pack City has a college with a hospital and other facilities that would be useful to the Healers. It is only logical they are brought to Pack City."

"What makes you think your pack Healers are qualified to lead the group in a presentation?"

"How boorish can you be?" Asked Alpha Amari who was looking annoyed and exhausted.

"ME!?" yelled Alpha Gray motioning to Alpha Winters. "What about her! Always assuming she has the best in the field. Not even considering our Healers. Always looking down on us."

Alpha Black looked up from his head banging, a crazed look on his face. "I am beyond tired of your voice. Every little thing needs to have your ANNOYING opinion! Well, I am done with it!" He grabbed a wad of crumpled up paper and pointed threateningly at Alpha Gray. "If you say one more thing I will come over there and rip your voice box out! I am tired and hungry and I cannot stand any more of your tittering!"

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