Chapter 2 Rogue It Away

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 Alpha Terrant tapped his fingers on his desk in an attempt to show his impatience, but to no avail. Alpha Grey was continuing his speech, mostly to himself, while walking around Terrant's office. Ian, Alpha Terrant's Beta (or second in command), was standing by the door looking as annoyed as he was, someone tapped at the door and Ian nodded slightly to Terrant before he exited the room. Terrant yawned and stretched watching Grey play out his speech. He was a young Alpha with a small pack of around 500 wolves; tall with blonde hair and light blue eyes, a handsome face, but the arrogance in his walk and the way he talked, irritated Terrant to no end.

Ian came back in with a manila folder and a strained look on his face. Ian looked at Terrant and then the folder. Terrant understood that this was a more private matter. He sat up in his chair and said loudly to get Grey's attention, "So what you are saying is that you don't want your sister to join my pack, even though her mate is in my pack?" Grey stopped talking a look of irritation on his face from being interrupted.

"Well essentially it is-"

"No, no Grey. I don't need a long speech of what it is. Just tell me straight." Terrant motioned for Ian to come to his desk holding out his hand for the folder.

"Well then, yes. My sister shouldn't have to change packs just because she found her mate." Grey said stiffly.

"There is no one forcing her to change packs. She decided along with her mate that it would be best for both of them to move over here. That is it plain and simple." Ian walked over and handed over the file, remaining next to Terrant as he flipped it open.

"But you see it is the principle of the matter, she shouldn't-"

Terrant stood up suddenly with the file in his hand, flipping through the other papers. "Has this been verified?" He asked loudly looking at Ian.

"Yes Alpha," Ian said gruffly looking uncomfortably at Grey who was peering at the file curiously.

"Let's go." Terrant said sharply, closing the file and walking toward the office door, Ian on his heels.

"Wait!" Terrant stopped and looked around to Grey who was still standing by the desk looking visibly affronted. "What about my proposal?"

Terrant almost scoffed, but held it together as he glared back at Grey, "The proposal of forcing your sister and her mate to stay in your pack because you can't live with the fact that you will be dropping in numbers again? Maybe if you worked with your pack and family a bit more they wouldn't want to leave at the first chance they got."

Grey looking shocked tried to speak, "Wha-, but, how dare you!"

"Your sister has already requested and been approved to become a member of my pack. I am not the type of Alpha to go back on my word." Grey just stood there looking dumbstruck. "Give my regards to your mother." And with that Terrant left the office Ian in tow.

Ian paced silently in front of the office. They were in the Senior Alphas house and Terrant was in the office speaking to his father. The room was sound proof so even the most sensitive wolf ears couldn't listen through the door. He had been waiting for Terrant for 15 minutes now and was starting to feel worried. Terrant didn't normally keep things from him and asking him to wait outside the office so he could speak to Senior Alpha just felt wrong. They had been friends since they were 5; both destined for their posts as Alpha and Beta. Ian pulled his hand through his blonde hair in frustration. With the new information sent to them it was crucial that they start preparing immediately, but instead they were getting advice from Terrant's Dad.

Ian stopped pacing and leaned back against the wall trying to control his impatience and irritation with being left outside of the office. Suddenly he felt a hard bang vibrate through the wall. Like something was thrown. Ian stood up straight as the door flung open and Terrant stormed out of the room, a furious glow in his dark eyes. With his dark hair and skin he looked like an avenging angel about to serve justice. Ian looked through the door before it closed and saw Terrants Father looking very distressed. His features matching Terrants to a 'T' but with more wrinkle lines. Dark hair with dark tan skin and sharply cut features, with a medium height and muscular build. Ian turned and followed the angry Alpha out of the house and down the street.

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